The Gods of Deception, Mayhem & World Domination: The Gods of “The Chosen”

“I like you best!”

It seems to me that the gods of men, which have all, throughout the ages, chosen one particular race over all others, have been the primary cause of man’s ills and suffering. And sadly, man is solely responsible for the creation of these selective and despotic gods: “cured from what he’s suffering from and suffering from the cure,” I believe is, and always has been, an apt description of mankind.

There is something innate in all of us, from the disenfranchised many, to the wealthy and powerful few, that seeks to condone our actions when we take advantage of or harm others. Instead of taking ownership of the harm we’ve done, we, more often than not, make excuses or find scapegoats to suffer the penalties of our wrongdoing. I believe this has been true of man since the beginning. And thus ancient man’s imperative, along with fear of the unknown, for having created gods, since he could then condone his hateful, despotic and treacherous actions towards others by claiming, “My god commanded me to do it, and he is the creator of everything!”

This supernatural security-blanket of man, aided by his self-righteous superiority-complex, is, in my opinion, responsible for the treacherous and terrifying reality which exists today. Almost every atrocity committed is in the name of some god, whether it be Allah (Islam), or Yahweh (Judaism), or Jesus (Judeo-Christianity), or Kim Jong Un (North Korean), or “Natural Selection” (Darwin begot evolution begot devaluation of human life begot eugenics), or democracy/capitalism and communism (wars and rumors of wars).

Human beings may not have been born with innate racist tendencies, but it evidently didn’t take long for man to note the differences between himself and others; which led him to the warped conclusion that anyone different was inferior and thus “unfit for life.”

I believe this superstitious and racist nature of man, along with his ravenous cravings for wealth and power (control), then led him to create religions based on his god’s supposed qualities and authority. And these religions, as I’ve stated above, would allow man to [supernaturally] condone his actions, no matter how perverse or inhuman. Man’s religions (superstitions) would ultimately lead to larger gatherings of peoples, and thus came the rise of villages, towns, cities, states and nations/empires, which all required organization and control/manipulation: governments, economic systems = “civilization”. And this “civilization” would be controlled by a few cunning and treacherous men (“the chosen”) who would convince the many that they were in dire need of a government to rule over them.

[Many of man’s earliest religious beliefs, as we all know, were based on the natural. The sun, for instance, was one of man’s earliest gods, which led to the creating of the zodiac and the recognition of time and seasons. So, at first, it was not solely his fear of the unknown, and desire to control others, that led man to create his gods and religions.}

The depressing results of this continuing process are evident all around us, if, that is, we’re willing to take off our religiously rose-colored glasses and open our eyes, minds and hearts to the truth.

Since I’ve been alive, the nations of this world have been embroiled in one conflict after another, whether it be a “police action” in Korea, a skirmish in Laos, an ethnic-cleansing in Ireland and Bosnia, or decade long wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan, just to name a few. All of this horrific conflict, in my estimation, has had much more to do with the negative effects of religion than politics; although politics is just one more bastard offspring of religion, along with governments and economic-systems.

Even now, the US of A is still waging war in Afghanistan, and against people who had nothing to do with “9/11,” as was the case with Iraq (see sites listed below). There are wars and rumors of wars every single day now, and all of these rumors and wars have a religious element to them: Israel (the middle east), Syria, Egypt, North and South Korea, and the Ukraine. The man-made gods of deception, mayhem, and the desire for world domination, never sleep, they are busy, 24/7/365, with their never ending quest to make their “chosen” the rulers of this sick world.

The Yahwehs, Jehovahs, Elohims, Allahs, and the like, have no concern nor pity for those who don’t worship and obey at their pagan alters. Or at least this is what the Zionists (Jews), Christians and Muslims, along with many others, would have us believe. In their self-absorbed megalomania, these corrupt and lethal charlatans (those at the top of these religious con-games), never cease from working towards their desired goals of world-wide conquest and the extermination of those who, according to their warped religious beliefs, are not fit to live: the disenfranchised many. Of course there will be a few of the disenfranchised (“the not chosen”) kept, as always, for the unpleasant, menial and filthy tasks the despots and their stooges won’t touch.

I am referring to the top echelon (the power elite) of these religions/governments and their aces-in-the-hole: rabbis, priests, ministers, bishops, popes, lawyers, judges, policemen, military personnel, stock brokers/analysts, corporate heads and politicians. These power elite are the ones who control every aspect of our lives. These particular “human beings” rarely, if ever, allow themselves to become visible to the rest of us peons, and even if they have, at points, been in public, they wouldn’t be recognizable to anyone but those who know them. These are the hidden and protected despots (the ruling class) who are now, for all intents and purposes, ruling almost the entire world-system, and that is the goal: a one-world order that is under their rule.

The common Jew (or “the lesser brethren,” according to the “protocols”), Christian and Muslim are as bad off as us “unbelievers”, us “pagans”, us “infidels”, us not chosen, us “Goyim” (gentiles). We are all, whether we believe it or not, the disenfranchised many, and we have been overtaken and conquered, and without any realization, whatsoever, of what has been happening. We have been manipulated into experiencing a very false sense of security, which was little more than a smoke screen, a cover up, for the treachery that was about to befall us. And it has befallen us. But most of us are existing (not living) in a drunken, patriotic stupor. Most of us still blindly trust this government and those who run it; and by run it, I don’t mean Barak and the boys in congress, I mean the power elite that I’ve been writing about, the 1%!

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