“Once Upon A time”

“Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie”

The following is a quote from an article which laments the American way of life a half century ago, and what that way of life has sadly become today. The article also gives clues as to those who are primarily responsible for its current, pitiful condition. Unfortunately, “we the [common] people” are also, to some extent, responsible for this mess, since we (and our parents and grandparents) have sat idly by watching as the pig-like, despotic few continued to destroy everything we once clung to as a life worth living.

Modern day American’s “self-actualized” mania, or all for themselves first, and then everyone else second (including their own children), has turned them into weak and lazy sheep. And these American sheep have become easily manipulated and controlled by the despotic few who had set them up for this end. Americans have always been about their rights and what others should be doing for them, and by others I mean the rest of the population of this planet. Americans are a nation of spoiled, irrational brats who have been led, by the design of the few, to be sacrificed at the alters of wealth and power.

{“Americans don’t always get what they want, they get what they deserve.” (author unknown)}

Some of the elders recalled small-town living and streets a bustle of townsfolk meeting and shopping. They spoke of neighbors gathered on front porches while children played hide and seek in the gathering darkness. Church picnics, the yearly carnival, fireflies, splashing puddles of summer rains. There were lots of birds and butterflies Norman Rockwell — Freedom From Want then and fields of wildflowers and scented forests.

Clothes danced on clotheslines in summer’s glee; with children busy building race cars, forts, or playing ball. The sick neighbor was quickly tended to, the grieving widow comforted. They remembered the laughter of children at play, and real grandmas in flowered dresses with aprons baking up cookies. Cars all looked different and you could tell a Chrysler from a Ford a block away. Men and boys worked on and rebuilt motors in driveways. That ended with generic computer cars that nobody could fix, purposed to send men indoors.

If there were keys to lock up one’s house they were long ago misplaced. There was the corner drug store, the stationary store, the five and ten, the men’s shop, the dairy queen, pizza shop, shoe stores and little restaurants. Parades had all the folks out, with families on blankets down by the river to watch the fireworks. Nothing fancy mind you. Just ordinary folks living ordinary lives, joying in their communities and one another. The real American dream if anyone should ask…

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