“Imagine… it isn’t hard to do…”

“And no religion too”

The following lyrics are from John Lennon’s IMAGINE.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

John Lennon

I always disliked this song, and the songwriter as well. But that was during the time of my religious enslavement and blindness, my time of self-righteous and self-imposed imprisonment and torture. I have, over the last few years, removed those hypocritical scales from my eyes, granted myself a reprieve, and thrown open the door of my cold, dark and depressing cell.

And now, in the light of my new found spiritual freedom, I find I can relate to, and even embrace, the sentiments of John Lennon in this song. I find that I, too, can imagine “no heaven”, “no hell”, “no countries”, governments/economic systems, no racial distinctions noted, just all people “living life in peace”, and last but not least, “no religion”: the perverse whore that gave birth to all of these manipulative, despotic devices and fabrications of man. Notice, Lennon never states, “Imagine there’s no creator”, he just says, “Imagine there’s no religion”. Imagine an earth where there is no religion of any kind, especially the kind that represents one god of one “chosen people”.

Having a belief in a creator, in itself, is not harmful to anyone, just as having a personal, atheistic belief, in itself, is not harmful to anyone. It is when ruthless and cunning men take the belief in a creator (or an atheistic belief) and manipulatively build it into a “sacred” institution (religion), to control and rule over others, that harm is bound to be perpetrated on someone or some thing: blood sacrifices, racism (mistrust and hatred for “the not chosen”), sexism (“better to be born a dog than…”, etc), moral indignation (self-righteous hypocrisy), governments/politics (war and other atrocities), nationalistic pride (robot-like patriotism), and economic systems, which will always allow for the acquisition of insane wealth and power by the corrupt and evil few only. These are just a few of the harmful by-products of religion.

I can imagine a world where all human beings live as one, no matter their race, color or gender, and without need of a religion, government, economic system, class-system, or rules and regulations and the enforcers that come with them. I can imagine a world where billions of people, having attained a consciousness of themselves, others, the creation and the creator, live in harmony without the need for these destructive-at-best devices-of-control: a world where there is no greed, envy, bitterness, anger, hatred, violence and war, a world where only compassion, love, peace and life in abundance exist. I, too, may be a dreamer, but, like John Lennon, I know I am not the only one.

I have come to believe, and this is not completely written in stone yet, that the creator is everything that exists, including all human beings, every last one. And that the creator has given us all we need, in our mind and heart, to find the truth about him/her, the creation, ourselves, and the life and purpose he/she intended (not commanded) for us. I believe the reason for most of us being incapable of comprehending this truth and life of the creator is due to our preoccupation with what mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, the rabbis/preachers/priests/pope, and the one-percent owned and operated politicians, told us life was intended to be: how we should live, how we should act, what we should do, and when we should do it, and, most importantly, how we must submit to and obey every despotic “authority figure” who chooses to accost us. The following quote explains much more effectively what I am trying to communicate:

You are like squatters hiding in a nook beneath the staircase of a wondrous mansion that you have forgotten actually belongs to you. You’ve been taught to fear that place. That is why you don’t explore the mystery of yourself, and turn instead to the exploiting gurus and priests.

Like the photo, many, including me, have always thought of themselves as tiny, insignificant specs, but not just in the universe. Most people experience themselves as something much, much less than what they were truly created to be. And I am not speaking of “self-actualization” here, which is nothing more than man-made psycho-babble (an ineffective guessing, at best) to keep people from complete insanity. I am talking about our perception of ourselves: most of us are living in that tiny nook underneath the staircase, when we could be experiencing life in every inch of our one-hundred room, magnificent mansion, which is our mind, our psyche, our heart, our consciousness, our being. We have been coerced and brainwashed by the system (programmed) to ignore the largest portion of who we truly are. We have been trained (educated/indoctrinated) to ignore our inner workings (our “inner republic”) that make us the unique individuals we are. We have been told we are “too introspective”, or we take ourselves “too seriously”, or we are “too picky” about what we like, respect, and who we choose as friends. We have been indoctrinated to believe we should be as mechanically brain dead as every other “cog” around us. We have been brainwashed and propagandized by a system of government and economics, a system of greed-driven wealth and power, that makes China and North Korea look like mere beginners.

The elite power-brokers want people (“consumers”) focused on their outward persona, since this is the lax state of mind, the lax state of being, the elite can control effortlessly. In this state of mind, the power-brokers can manipulatively coerce people into doing their bidding (their perverse will), just as if these folks had been hypnotized. The power-brokers don’t want people centered on their inner being, their inner thoughts, their consciousness, since they might just wake up to the one-percent treachery that has befallen them. In other words, the elite keep people in this mindless stupor by gaining access to their vanity and stimulating it with commercials on health, beauty and clothing, self-help gurus, and Frankenstein-like Hollywood frauds and whores.

It is all about being “hot” in this self-absorbed, megalomaniac country. What festers on the inside of a “beautiful person” matters little, as long as the outward titillates all the little boys and girls, who will then spend their money on clothes, hair and make up. And we have the elite power-brokers (the one-percent), as well as all the brain dead “cogs” in this country (the “47%” plus), to thank. Some of us may even need to thank ourselves for helping to create this hell on earth!

Imagine if we go to our graves never realizing that our education, career, family, and retirement at fifty, were merely the minuscule appetizers of life, and that we never found the time to taste the bountiful first, second, third and fourth courses, which were also on that menu. Imagine how people might possibly be cheated out of what we had to offer, but was never discovered and thus went with us, unused, to the grave. Imagine, positive, life affirming, and perhaps even miraculous Attributes we never knew we possessed, so were never used, and simply because we were too busy “playing the game of life” to stop and experience what our inner state of being (our “inner republic”) had to offer us and others as well.

“A life is a terrible thing to waste” applies to more than just a four year college education. What a sad thing this life is if we the people are only here to be replacement cogs in the one-percent’s dehumanizing, despotic machinery. Forget about religion, whether it be Christianity, Judaism or organized atheism, and all of the “life to come, or not come” crap, and consider this life right here and right now. Can we truly be fulfilled by merely playing the same rolls our ancestors have played for thousands of years? Can we truly be content, as many of the brain dead are, with life-wasting, life-ending, proclamations like, “If it’s good enough for ma and pa, the pastor, the (right-wing) president and Jesus, then it’s good enough for me.”? As the old song says, “Is this all there is?”

I have mentioned this verse from an old 1970s hit before, and it comes to mind again:

“I am not going to spend the rest of my life quietly fading away.”

So many of us, including me, have spent most of our lives caught up in the rat race, the “American way of life”, and this has kept us from experiencing the life I believe the creator intended for us. Setting that belief aside, shouldn’t life be much, much more than just an education, a career, a family, which comes with a mortgage and other major debts, and a “retirement” that usually spells the end of life for the retiree, whether it be complete boredom and financial worries, or an immediately-after-retiring coronary thrombosis? Is this what we consider to be the definition of life, the definition of living? This, to me, is a definition of death, the definition of a living hell, but only for those whose consciousness, if sought after and heeded, can inform them of the fact that there is more to life than just this “age old” routine, this age old prison.

{I believe retirement is just another tool of the one-percent. Think about it: when we get old, the elite don’t want us as employees anymore, they don’t want to pay for our illnesses that were, for the most part, caused by our employment with them. So the elite came up with this fraud called “retirement”. Notice that now, after our having bought into this manipulation, the major corporations are beginning to default on pension plans. How long will it be before they default on 401Ks and social security, both of which the employee paid for. Retirement is a scam!}

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I agree completely!

For those who sense something is wrong with the one-percent’s definition of life and living, and sense they have never truly fit into this system, I would suggest checking out the following: