Vaccinations: “Who Owns Your Child?”

A Humanitarian?

I was hopeful “The Affordable Care Act”, or “Obama Care,” would help the disenfranchised many in this country, but I was evidently wrong.

As Bill Gates (Bilderberg member) reveals in this quote, there evidently is an underlying and undisclosed (to the public) purpose for this national health care plan, a, perhaps, devious and evil purpose?

The following article is from 2007, but the issue is just as much in the forefront today as it was then. The article deals with the efficacy of vaccinations, and the government, through the power of the American Medical Association (A.M.A.) and its physicians, forcing parents to have their children vaccinated:

We would all like to naively assume that politicians – the medical profession – pharmaceutical companies etc, have our best interests at heart. The ordinary citizen cannot relate to a world of corporate greed, absent conscience, that puts profits above any considerations to the well being of public health (enviromental protections). How much is enough profit – apparently there is no limit? If you have ever been involved in the vaccine program or are the first to jump in line for that flu shot, (other vaccines) it behooves you to take responsibility in not taking the word of every slick snake -oil- salesman coming down the pike promising you protections from the ills of life. Men care about their bottom lines, stock portfolios, and opulent lifestyles, not you or your child’s health.

Who owns your child? Apparently the state. On Nov 17, 2007, Prince George, Maryland’s State’s Attorney Glenn Ivy, and the county’s public health and education officals, brought the power of the State down on parents who had not gotten their children injected with various vaccines. Ivy said that he was prepared to throw the parents whose children had not gotten their shots in jail. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but it’s got to be done. I’m willing to move forward with legal action”. Glenn Ivy

Question? How many more vaccines ( these are double what they were a few years back) are children going to be forced to get to be able to get a public education?

I noted on the ‘news’ (brief report) that the parents lined up in front of the court house to comply to this order (or be jailed) were mostly Black. I wondered if this were a test case – an example for other schools across the country? No Jesse or Al Sharpton!

Could this be about money?

Dawn Richardson at PROVE ( ) decided to find out. Dawn called the communications department of the Prince George’s County School District to ask them specifically some questions about the amount of money the school district gets paid per child per day. They didn’t respond. Thankfully, the National Center for Education Statistics has some great information about Prince George’s County Public Schools ( )

According to this government website, in the 2006-2007 school year, Prince George’s County Public Schools received $11,325 per student per year). Why is this important information? The Washington Post reported that 2300 kids were being barred from school. This adds up to $63 per student per day – a loss of $144,900 per day for the school district.

Chicken pox vaccine? It doesn’t work. A school in Round Rock Texas has more than 40 kids out with chickenpox even though they had all been vaccinated!

It never ceases to amaze me; that today’s schools can ban cupcakes, peanuts, and institute zero tolerance polices against normal childhood behavior (supposedly to protect the children) and yet parents are not supplied a listing of vaccine (also for themselves) ingredients of the various microbes, antibiotics, chemicals/heavy metals and animal by products? In a compulsory inoculation program, it is the responsibility of the developers, promoters and enforcers to prove safety and efficacy. Vaccine Ingredients:

The same holds true for parents informed that their child needs to be medicated for their hyper activity, supposed depression, and learning disabilities; i.e. Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs. What long range testing has been done on these drugs, are they addictive, do they cure anything, what are the side effects (including suicide), and does this label my child as having a mental health problem on his/her records? It is also (sadly many parents are apathetic – intimidated) the responsibility of the parent to research any and all drugs administered to their child – including vaccines and their ingredients.

Liability: Should you or your child suffer a disability (death) due to an adverse reaction to a vaccine how are you protected? Shouldn’t those mandated under threat of incarceration be made aware of their rights to secure compensation for life long medical bills and care? Answer – NO. (emphasis added)

via Informed Choice.

I have a step-son who is in his late thirties and lives in Oslo, Norway. I never had a child of my own, so I really have no sense of how a parent truly feels. But I have a pretty good idea. And I would be livid if my pediatrician and/or this government coerced me, with threats of fines and imprisonment, into allowing my child to be used as not much more than a lab-rat.

When did American parents give up their rights to raise their children as they see fit?

Here’s a manipulative statement that comes to mind: “It takes an entire village to raise a child.” Remember this multicultural, One-World-Order catch-phrase (one of many)? All the left leaning parents, and some on the right, immediately jumped on board with this “politically-correct” manipulation, and now they are reaping the rotten rewards of this scam; the almost total loss of parental control. It may take an entire village in Africa to raise a child, but take a good look at most African villages: disease, starvation, forced castration of girls, gang rape, constant wars between warlords and villages, etc, etc. Yes sir, an African village is a great thing to emulate.

But this manipulation, along with many others, has evidently worked its despotic magic, as this article reveals. It is now “the entire village,” meaning the power elite few, that controls you and owns your children. And it might be too late to change?

This is the first of three posts on this subject.