The Summation: Part 2

The Verdict is In!

This is the second of two posts. Please read the initial post first: The Summation: Part 1

The article continues:

Religions as well as science have told us that human entities are only a few thousand years, to at most, a hundred thousand years old. In the Bible’s Book of Genesis, we are told man was created from the ‘dust of the earth’ just 6000 years ago. This age is determined by counting the generations of biblical figures recorded throughout the Bible, starting with Adam in the Garden of Eden. This has now been exposed as its own conspiracy.

Dr. Michael Cremo suggests that humans are linked with an ‘extremely old’ history. We are millions of years old – and human origins go back, possibly, to the beginning of this Universe as well as others. The Earth is also not our only home in the Universe. In Cremo’s book, Forbidden Archeology, he summarizes some of the lies we’ve been told. We aren’t just a lineage of warring tribes as the bible suggests, or an evolution of apes. Man’s history is much more mysterious.

Did you know, for example, that footprints were found in Texas, that were dated to the same age as dinosaurs? Richard Dawkins, of Oxford, has this to say, “. . .[concerning the] alleged human bones in the Carboniferous coal deposits. If authenticated as human, these bones would blow the theory of evolution out of the water.” Free Inquiry, V.21, No.4, 10/11/2001Or, that 70-ton blocks were somehow transported to the Peruvian Mountains, with the closest source of the rock’s red granite being five miles away, at the apex of another mountain? There are dozens of other megaliths in human history that have been dated much further back than any ape-man could have built them, and with architectural prowess that would require advanced knowledge and extremely sophisticated technology to build… (emphasis added)

via Science & Religion – The Colossal Dilemma | Zen Gardner.

“Man’s history is much more mysterious.” This says it all. “Modern man”, in his arrogant bravado, seems to believe he has almost everything in the universe all wrapped up in a little, multisyllabic package. And yet most of the legitimate scientific info man has managed to trip over has only come to him in the last five hundred years or so.

If we take the time to truly fathom the vastness of the [designed] universe, then we should come to the conclusion that even our galaxy (The Milky Way), in comparison, is merely the equivalent of a nano-sized spec of feces on a bacterium’s buttocks. So, in terms of the universe, how minuscule is the planet we inhabit, and what does that say about all of us? And yet some people have the unmitigated nerve, the egocentric gall, to strut about as though they are gods, and simply because they’ve read books, looked through microscopes and/or viewed the “heavens” through telescopes: “What fools these mortals be.”

Albert Einstein put it this way:

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.


The article continues:

If nothing else, these findings prove that the origins of man are much more antiquated than we ever would have imagined, and the trivial wars of this planet and this era, are but a fly’s eye in the ointment. The religious teachings that compel us to ‘obey’ some patriarchal, bearded man in the sky are simply blasphemous. If nothing else, we can look to the fractal, holographic nature of divine geometry to see that there is some organizing pattern, which couldn’t have just started 6000 years ago, nor 100,000, nor even a million years ago

We can no longer relegate our wisdom to mainstream science and their findings, nor the teachings of misleading religious doctrine. We are much more than these playground games. We are as old as time. It is in the embracing of these new mysteries with an open mind that we will finally know the human creation story, rightly. (emphasis added)

via Science & Religion – The Colossal Dilemma | Zen Gardner.

Unlike the religious dogma of Jews, Christians, Muslims and Darwatheists, just to name a few, this author offers some rational evidence to support her position.

I have no idea of how old this universe, planet and its inhabitants are. But, just as this author, I believe man is older than what the religious, “scientific” con-men attempt to indoctrinate/brainwash us with, 24/7/365. We are bombarded from every side with religious positions on this topic, whether they be of Christian, Jew, Muslim or Darwatheist origin. And the pompous purveyors of these religious positions, on the “scientific” side (the PhD types), are the new priests, reverends and rabbis.

The holders of doctoral degrees in science, today, while declining, intellectually, culturally, and in their humanity, have risen to a place of god-like status among the masses, which is not only totally unwarranted but absurdly insane. Unlike fifty to one-hundred years ago, if one has the cash, or the right connections, today, then he or she can buy a doctoral degree, especially in the sciences, or so it would seem.

There was a time when holders of doctoral degrees, in all fields, were respected for their intellect, knowledge and integrity, but those days have long since passed. What the oligarchs are looking for, today, are doctoral candidates of low moral and ethical character, with an intellect to match. The oligarchs are looking for male and female “scientists” who, much like themselves, can be easily purchased for the right price: cash, “scientific achievement” awards and the notoriety that goes with them.

{Note: The sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, isn’t a comedy, it’s a commentary, a documentary, in my estimation. It’s a caricature of most modern-day “scientists”, especially in the fields of astrophysics and theoretical physics. “Theoretical physics”, in particular, is somewhat like musicology: those who choose these two fields have no discernible talent for anything other than making up fairy-tales and “theorizing” about what people with real talent have created. These inferior “geniuses”, like leaches, live off of the talent and fruit of superior, creative individuals. In other words, theoretical physics is about as useful to the advancement of physics, and science in general, as musicology is in advancing the art of music. In fact, from my perspective, theoretical physics only exists to aid in the dehumanizing effect begun by Darwin’s failed hypothesis.}

As I stated above, there are highly educated men and women of science, today, whose integrity, thirst for knowledge and truth, and compassion for humanity, remain in tact. But evidently these folks are the minority in the sciences, and thus they are almost totally powerless to get the truth out. These are the folks who should be heard and respected, but they are seeking truth, and the system of this world hates truth.

We live in a world where everything is ass-backwards and upside down: darkness is considered light, down is considered up, lies are embraced as truth, and good is considered bad. And it’s a small, corrupt and powerful minority, with the aid and support of the ignorant, blind and powerless majority, who have brought this world to this disgustingly low point, and who are evidently planning to do whatever it takes, even if it means total destruction and annihilation, to have complete rule over all that exists.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, most of humanity sits idly by in some sort of religious and/or patriotic and/or drug/alcohol induced stupor. If Nero truly “fiddled” (violins didn’t exist) as Rome burned, then he did so because the people allowed him to. It truly is as simple as that!

Wake Up!