Atheist-Zionism: A Malignant Tumor!


Finally, a truthful statement, and right from a major player’s twisted mouth. The only problem with this creature’s statement is that he’s taking it on himself to speak for all Jewish people, and many Jews, today, even in Israel, do not align themselves with this “man” or the Atheist-Zionist regime of which he is a card-carrying associate. This is the same Atheist-Zionist regime (in Tel Aviv) that owns and operates the U. S. Corporation/Washington D.C..

Oh, and by the way, Ari Sharon is no more a Semite than Obama is a Caucasian. So don’t call me an “anti-Semite”, because of what I’m writing here. Sharon, like almost all Zionists, and Jews, today, is of Khazarian ancestry, and thus he is most likely an Ashkenazim, so he could never be of Arab/Semite descent. Therefore, he and his despotic kind have no legitimate claim to the Palestinian’s homeland, which is now known as Israel.

Israel, the land Atheist-Zionists have illegally occupied since 1947, is no more their land than the land we Americans occupy is ours; unless, of course, our ancestors were Native American.

The following article puts forth a radical suggestion for ending the Atheist-Zionist treachery in the world:

by Jim Kirwan 

Israel has repeatedly announced that it has the right to attack Gaza until there is nothing left of the Palestinian people inside Israel. The impetus behind this outrageous statement is that Israel supposedly has ‘a Right to Defend herself’ ­ a “right” that Israel does not respect, if anyone else claims it, to defend themselves against Israel.

The problem with the statements from Israel, whether implied or bluntly stated is that all “The RIGHTS of any “State” depend entirely upon the states in question—to honor the rights and responsibilities of all other states in that same process: To the exact same degree for every state in every equation.

Israel denies that any other nation has any rights whenever it comes into conflict with whatever the Zionist state demands.

As Israel does not recognize the right of Palestine or the Palestinian people to exist—or their right to self-defense: Then no other nation on the planet needs to honor anything that Israel continues to demand from the rest of the world: This will cancel Israel’s own “right to exist” along with their supposed right to the “self-defense” they have continued to deny to Palestine and everyone else, for over 66 years.All of Israel’s obscenely one-sided DEMANDS, including ‘total and absolute Surrender to Israel by everyone else on the planet; must be immediately and permanently CANCELED. The Zionists must be confronted, stripped of all rights and property then evicted from every host nation where they have set up their takeover of this dying planet.

via Canceling Israel’s ‘Right to Exist’ | Zen Gardner.

What the Atheist-Zionist Owned and Operated Media Won’t Cover!

As this photo shows, most Jewish people (the “lesser brethren”, as they are referred to by the Atheist-Zionists) are not part of the Atheist-Zionists’ plans for world domination. Thus these Jewish people are no different from the rest of us, since they, too, will no more be a part of the Atheist-Zionists’ plans, in the end, than any of the rest of us, beyond, of course, being kept alive as slaves.

The point I’m trying to make is this: I am condemning a small and powerful percentage of the Jewish people, Atheist-Zionists, and not the race itself. There are despots in every race on earth, as there always have been. I am not a hater of Jews or any other race. I do, however, despise creatures, masquerading as human beings, who not only hate but consider themselves to be superior to others; and to the extent that they feel it’s their “god-given right” to plan and carry-out world-wide conquest and genocide. The god these Atheist-Zionist creature’s are referring to, and using as a manipulation, is evidently not the same god as that of the majority of Jewish people.

I admit that this author’s approach to the problem of Atheist-Zionism is a radical one, so I am not advocating for or disapproving of it. However, if the Atheist-Zionists continue with their plans for world-wide conquest and genocide, then this author’s approach may be just the first of many radical steps needed to defeat these inbred, insane creatures.

There would have been a time when I would have defended these Israeli Atheist-Zionists, in my religious ignorance, blindness and arrogance, but that was a long time ago. Since that time, I have shed the reptilian scales of religiosity from my eyes, which had kept me blind and unconscious, and have begun to awaken to “the unknown” truth that had been withheld from me for most of my life.

For those still caught up in any form of religiosity and its whore, patriotism, I would encourage them to turn back towards the rest of humanity and reality, and open their mind’s eye, ear and heart to begin to see, hear and sense “the unknown” truth; a truth that will almost certainly be completely opposite from what they were indoctrinated/brainwashed with by their families, teachers, professors, doctors, holy men and politicians. If they’re not willing to do this difficult task, and take the long journey that accompanies it, then they will never see the terrible storm coming to destroy them and their families, and that terrible storm appears to be right over the next hill.

Wake Up!