The Zionists’ Stooge, Obama, Plays Russian-Roulette With Humanity at Stake!

“Yes We Can” start WW III!

{Note: I believe this government has always been OF the power-elite, BY the power-elite and FOR the power-elite. So the following is not, in any way, a call for political activism. The only political activism I would take part in, today, would be taking the necessary actions to completely do away with the power elites’ world-wide political-system! As I stated in my last post, man’s religions, governments and economic-systems have done nothing, since their beginnings, but kowtow to and serve the perverse and psychopathic few, while molesting and murdering the disenfranchised many. All of man’s governments, religions and economic-systems could end in the next second, and I would be nothing but a very happy and content human being!}

The following article aids in revealing how minimal the difference is between democrats and republicans, especially when it comes to being obedient stooges to the atheist-Zionist oligarchy. And thus Obama has exhibited, through his atheist-Zionist-ordained decision making and actions, that he and the liberal/democratic “far-left” have been programmed to be just as despotic, greed-driven, blood-thirsty and warmongering as the conservative/republican “far right”:

Here are 25 recent events, or data points, that our rulers hope we forget when they blame the collapse of the old world order on Russia:

1) US spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine, not to mention the millions NGOs spent on “opposition groups”. The State Department was even caught playing kingmaker in Ukraine in secret recordings during the takeover.

2) November 21st, 2013 – Ukraine’s President abandons an agreement on closer trade ties with EU, instead seeking closer cooperation with Russia. Violent pro-EU protests begin to organize.

3) December 17th, 2013 – Putin offers to buy $15bn of Ukrainian debt and discount the price of Russian gas by about a third.

4) February 2014 – Violence of coup peaks on the 20th. On 22nd protesters took control of Kiev and Parliament votes to remove president from power.

5) February 23rd – New interim government named, replaces head of Ukraine central bank.

6) March 6th – Obama signs national emergency executive order to punish Ukrainians that “undermine democratic processes and institutions” of the coup government in Ukraine. You can’t make this stuff up.

7) March 16th – Crimea holds voter referendum to split from coup government in Kiev and ally with Russia, passes by over 95%.

8) March 20th – Obama announces more unilateral sanctions on Russia.

9) March 24th – Leaked tape where former prime minister of Ukraine and darling of the West, Yulia Tymoshenko, calls for wiping out all Russians with nuclear weapons.

10) April 29th – Obama unilaterally expands sanctions on Russia.

11) April 30th – Newly installed regime in Kiev receives $17 billion from the IMF for “economic reforms”. (December deal from Russia with better terms for Ukrainian people discarded.)

12) May 3rd – Obama calls Kiev’s coup government “duly elected”.

13) May 11th – Eastern Ukraine votes for independence from Kiev and for self-rule. Kiev mobilizes military to punish citizens for disloyalty.

14) May 15th – US Vice President’s son Hunter Biden named to the board of Ukraine gas company.

15) May 21st – Russia and China sign historic $400 billion “Holy Grail” gas deal not using petrodollars.

16) May 27th – Second day in office, new Ukraine president launches military “anti-terrorist operation” against eastern Ukrainians.

17) June 3rd – NATO pledges military support for Ukraine to battle dissidents.

18) June 16th – Ukraine refuses to pay its gas bill to Moscow’s Gazprom, Russia cuts off gas.

19) June 26th – Gazprom agrees to drop the dollar to settle contracts with China.

20) June 27th – The EU signs an association agreement with Ukraine, along with Georgia and Moldova

21) July 15th – BRICS nations fund international development bank to compete with the IMF, World Bank, and the dollar itself.

22) July 17th – Commercial airliner MH17 shot out of the sky over eastern Ukraine. Appears to be classic false flag event after the West immediately blamed Russia citing sketchy YouTube videos.

23) July 2014 – US announces yet more sanctions on Russia. EU and Canada both join in calls for more sanctions for Russia.

24) July 2014 – Joe Biden’s son’s company prepares to drill shale gas in east Ukraine.

25) July 2014 – Pentagon creates military plan to clear path for gas drilling in rebel-held areas of Ukraine… (emphasis added)

via Activist Post: 25 Recent Events Causing WW3 They Want You To Forget.

This is the Russian Roulette Obama is Playing, but it’s with our lives, and the lives of every other human-being in the world!

For those of you who never read, question and investigate, and comfortably (insanely) rest in the “goodness” of the American government, the United States Corporation was as responsible for World Wars I & II taking place as any European bank-criminal, inbred-king or queen, political-stooge or puppet-dictator. So, as you go about your existence as flag-waving, “USA” shouting patriots (sheeple), don’t be surprised when the first mega-ton blasts of WW III begin rumbling in your quickly vaporizing ears.

It is beyond me to fathom how anyone in this country could fall for another false-flag/black-op reason to go to war, and especially with Russia. It has only been thirteen years since the false-flag/black-op event of September 11, 2001, and this country is still at war in Afghanistan. And meanwhile, the Iraqi people struggle and die because of what this government perpetrated on them, and for no reason whatsoever, beyond, of course, insane-criminal greed. Are we really going to allow the atheist-Zionist owned and operated media to brainwash us into accepting that Russia is using the Ukraine situation to start World War III? Didn’t we have enough of this kind of media-driven manipulation and bald-faced lying in the months and weeks leading up to “9/11” and the war with Iraq? Don’t we remember the “WMDS” (Weapons of Mass Destruction) that never existed?

It isn’t Russia trying to start WW III, just as it wasn’t Germany trying to start WW I, or Japan trying to start WW II. The same kind of vermin responsible for both of these world wars are at work again in Washington D.C., Tel Aviv and the Ukraine: the atheist-Zionists and their stooges in the U.S. Corporation are setting up all of humanity to go through another world war, only this one could mean the end of human existence.

If WW III happens, humanity won’t have to wait for some “scientifically” predicted apocalypse to occur, man himself, through his insane despotism and greed, will set in motion his own demise; a demise that will have been accomplished by a tiny but powerful few. Are we, THE MANY, going to quietly and obediently sit by, like the proverbial frog in the frying pan, while these few psychopaths destroy everything that exists?

I believe these inbred creatures have finally become insane enough to turn the keys and push the buttons this time! Those old enough to remember October/1962 will know what I mean by turning the keys and pushing the buttons.

Wake the hell UP!