“I Robot”: A Movie or Documentary?

Mary Shelley was a Prophet!

We the common people shouldn’t be surprised to discover, someday soon, that the oligarchs possess technology far advanced of what is in use today. I would venture to guess the oligarchs have technical toys (instruments of “terror”) that are two to three centuries, or more, advanced from anything we are aware of today.

The following article is on this subject:

The evolution of humanoid robots continues to quicken with greater strides being made toward applying artificial intelligence to create emotional robots.  The commitment to reverse engineer the human brain coupled with the exponential increase in computing power is now forcing the discussion toward the social impact robotics is beginning to have as humans and robots begin interacting with greater frequency.

Consequently, newer robots are being produced with the intention of manipulating emotional triggers that guide human-to-human interaction. It’s all part of a move to make robots seem less creepy and more like real members of society. Researchers are taking multiple angles to establish these connections. The U.S. government is now getting involved with a $10 million investment into developing robots that can serve as personal trainers for children with the stated intention to “influence their behavior and eating habits.”

In loco parentis in the place of a parent – the legal charge given to educators when you hand over your children to school – might take on a strange new meaning

A Yale press release doesn’t hide the fact that they are looking to robots for additional help with social engineering:

A Yale-led research team will spend the next five years developing a new breed of sophisticated “socially assistive” robots for helping young children learn to read, appreciate physical fitness, overcome cognitive disabilities, and perform physical exercises.

The purpose of the $10 million, federally funded effort, announced April 3, is to create self-adapting machines capable of cultivating long-term interpersonal relationships and assisting pre-school-age children with educational and therapeutic goals.

“The big idea is that we’re building robots to help kids,” said Brian Scassellati, the Yale computer scientist who is leading the intensive, multi-university project. “At the end of five years we’d like to have robots that can guide a child toward long-term educational goals, be customized for the particular needs of that child, and basically grow and develop with the child. We want the robot to be the equivalent of a good personal trainer.

The language used here is disturbing. While at once it is claimed that these robots will only augment the instruction of parents, trained educators, and therapists, the targeting of pre-school-age children for “cultivating long-term personal relationships” to “motivate individuals toward a specific goal” while the robots “guide the child toward a behavior we desire” clearly opens the door for more training than merely the physical.

As if government-run school isn’t brainwashing enough, now a literal programmed entity filled with all of the indoctrination of that system will be able to devote full-time – in school and at home – to ensure whatever it is the programmers wish to send their way.

What could possibly go wrong? (emphasis added)

via Activist Post: U.S. Government Invests in Robot Personal Trainers for Children.

“In loco parentis in the place of a parent – the legal charge given to educators when you hand over your children to school – might take on a strange new meaning…”

“In the place of a parent” doesn’t strike this writer as “strange” already? IN ABSENCE OF A PARENT would be bad enough, but “in a parent’s place” seems to suggest that publicly-schooled children are being kidnapped.

Getting back to the main subject, American children, even more than their parents, are indoctrinated and brainwashed everywhere they turn:

Public, private/parochial and on-line education: as the author of this article states, children are indoctrinated in every way possible, when they attend schools operated or overseen by the state/federal government. Every last bit of propaganda the oligarchs want spread starts with the education system, whether primary, secondary or college/university.

Television, phones/pads/internet and game boxes: You name it, whether it be local or national news, weather channels, sitcoms, movies, “reality” shows, history shows or even cartoons, children are held captive and indoctrinated/brainwashed by television “PROGRAMMING”. Then we have the new phones/pads, the internet and game boxes, which all turn children into mindless zombies having no communication skills or personalities, and their motor skills have gone to hell simply because they are always sitting in front of some electronic device and never moving.

Commercial “Music”: just watch MTV or VH1, or listen to the radio, and I should have no need to explain to anyone what is being pandered to American children. Even “god-fearin'” country music has taken to this completely low-life formula for commercial music: girls/women are “skanky whores” and “bitches”, while boys/men are horny, violent idiots who take what they want, when they want it; and sex, alcohol and drugs are what boys/men want more than anything.

All of this is in direct line with what the oligarchs have been plotting, since they first defecated public education on the masses: a working and poor class consisting of ignorant, low-life/culturally-dead, stoned-out-of-their-mind sex-perverts. Instilling/creating these behaviors/”lifestyles”/attitudes in people morphs them into something akin to cattle or sheep: feed them, pen them up together (house them) in cramped and miserable conditions, and then LEAD them to the slaughterhouse, where not one will be inclined to put up a fight or even complain.

As this article points out, the oligarchs are not quite satisfied with this despotic and destructive system yet. These vermin now want electronic “mentors” (robots) to baby-sit the children of the American working and poor classes. And by baby-sitting I mean molesting, but not in a completely sexual manner. These electronic monsters will complete the destruction of American children that had begun with their public education. These robots will molest and corrupt the minds and hearts of American children (their intellectual/curious and artistic/creative natures) even more so than they already have been. They will help to complete the transformation of the children into the cattle and sheep mentioned above.

I wonder how working-class and poor parents are going to do background checks on a metal monstrosity with no background whatsoever; except for when, where and how it was assembled and programmed, which will most likely not be made available to them.

If I were a parent, a programmed-by-the-oligarchy robot would never get near my child, or at least not as long as I was still breathing. My child, of course, would not be in a position to be molested by “C3PO” or “R2D2”, since he or she would never be found in an American public school of any kind, including online. And I was once a public-school teacher.