I Have an All-Inclusive Dream! (Follow-Up)

Courtesy of Zen Gardner.com

This is a follow-up post to I Have an All-Inclusive Dream! I would suggest reading the original post first.

The following article echoes my desire for a world set free from this age-old, tyrannical system/order:

By freefall



I was watching the wind blow through the trees the other evening. The wind suddenly stopped.

I realized that anyone who has ever genuinely created anything of substance, the painter, writer, musician, etc. is like someone carried by the wind. We cannot control it. The best we can do is flow with it until it stops. And when it stops our creativity ends.

Yes, we can perform or put something on paper without it, but it has no depth or real meaning to it. This has become commonplace with our “artists” of today. It is why so much music has no soul and so much art has no essence.

We are each down here to contribute to the grand awakening of the world. But it must first start with the individual.

Each of us are meant to find our own uniqueness. When we find that, all competiveness ends as we know we have something to offer that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. We no longer seek validation by how much we are rewarded by the Zionist-controlled value system (currency).

If you need to make money, you make it. But you don’t allow how much or how little you make to influence the belief of who you are or the value of what you have to contribute.

It is the antithesis of the hive mentality. The connection is there but the conformity is not. The collaboration is there but it has to do with the growth of groups of individuals rather than the spiritual atrophy of the collective.

In this type of world, there is no jealousy because we understand who we are. There is no one to compare ourselves with except for the strength of our connection to the Source. And nothing outside of ourselves can give us this strength. (emphasis added)

via The Gemstone – Zen Gardner.

This is what I was trying to express in my original post. As this author is stating, I, too, see the need for each one of us (all of humanity) to seek and find, first, the way to our true individuality. And then jealousy and envy will no longer have any power over us, since we will truly know ourselves and have no need of others to create an identity for us. And when this true individuality has been achieved by all, then all can experience true community, since all the evils that had once plagued us, in our “self-actualized” stupor, will have vaporized into nothingness.

{This is a hope, a dream, of mime, but much must change throughout this world before anything like this hope/dream can become reality.}

The article continues:

We live in a world where most people have given up their uniqueness for approval from the hive. Yet our leaders always end up as betrayers as the awakened have no desire to rule over anyone.

There is no government, no leader, no treaty or constitution that will free us from this vertical hierarchy where the vilest of humanity continue to crawl to the top. Only a massive uprising of individuals from all nations will turn this world around from the destructive course that has been set by the “leaders” of the world.

We are all on this earth right now for a reason. Find yours and do it to the best of your ability. There is no one quite like you and your unique perspective is needed in order to further activate the synchronicity which blows like the wind through us all. (emphasis added)

via The Gemstone – Zen Gardner.

Here is knowledge and truth:

“There is no government, no leader, no treaty or constitution that will free us from this vertical hierarchy where the vilest of humanity continue to crawl to the top.”

The author forgot religion, here. There is no religious leader or philosophy that will ever set humanity free from this “vertical hierarchy” tyranny. All religions are dependent on the enslaving of their followers with a multitude of despotic rituals and doctrines/dogma. If we’re looking to religion or politics (the co-creators of this world system/order) to set us free, then we are looking in vain.

“Know Thyself!”

As with many others, I believe our dual nature (“duality”) is the real problem: “I am Caucasian, American, male, republican, Catholic.” Note: there is no I AM in this sentence without a divisive label attached. I am is knowledge and truth (“Know Thyself”), but the attached labels only serve to create a manipulated and fraudulent I am, a divisive, system/order I am: I am, but I am also this and that and the other thing, so I am different from you.

This is a manipulative/coercive (coercive: conform or die) device, used by the powers that be to bring all human-beings into conformity with the system/order. In other words, we, along with our ancestors, have been PROGRAMMED to be divided as a whole and in our selves. Most of us, in reality, do suffer from a “split-personality disorder,” but this “disorder,” like many others we suffer from, has been perpetrated on us by a monstrous few.

Thus this Dual nature of ours is being used to divide all of us (all of humanity) into opposing factions: religion, politics, gender, ethnicity/race, income status, etc. This, of course, is nothing but divide and conquer. And until all of us (all of humanity) have come to this knowledge/truth, and finally taken the steps needed to become whole again (individually and collectively), there will be no escaping this system/order, and thus there will never be a true individuality or community.

Awakening from this system/order induced-state (coma), this duality, has to be the very first step we take towards our deliverance from this tyranny. Otherwise, we the people (the many) will always be under the control of the despotic few.