“Do Schools Kill Creativity?”

A friend sent me the following video. As a former music instructor at a performing arts high school, I have been troubled by the recent trends in public education, in particular, “standardized testing.” This disgusting version of education is all about teaching kids to pass a test, as opposed to opening their minds and hearts, through a CREATIVE curriculum, and a sense of freedom, to explore and be creative: to apply what they have learned, and DISCOVERED, to their lives in a real way.

This upside-down and devious system of education has been perpetrated on teachers, parents, and most importantly, children, for far too long. Parents need to take back control of their children’s education (lives) by either changing the education system or withdrawing their children from it.

This video, while being extremely entertaining, is brilliant and spot on! I hope parents who visit here will listen and take to heart and mind what this man is saying about creativity and this current system of education: