Ignorance, Complicity or Both?

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret in tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” Maximilien Robespierre

From the time I was a child, I had read in history books, heard from teachers and professors, friends and family members, politicians and the media that the German people were as responsible for the atrocities that took place in Europe, during World War II, as Hitler and his henchmen.

My mother was full-blood German and only a second generation American. My mother’s grandparents, my great grandparents, had immigrated from Germany in the late 1880s, just before my grandfather was born (1889). My mother was the most open, generous and loving person I have ever known. And so it always bothered me to think people like her could have stood by while Hitler mass-murdered millions in Europe.

When I was in my twenties, I had the opportunity to tour Europe as a musician. And during this time, I had the opportunity to spend several days traveling and performing throughout parts of Germany, in particular, along the Rhine River. And I had found the German people to be just as warm, welcoming to strangers, generous and loving as my mother. This trip left an indelible image in my mind and on my heart that I still carry with me this very day. From this point in time forward, I became even more troubled with the dehumanizing image of the German people the history books and periodicals had painted.

What I hadn’t understood at this time, was that I had been indoctrinated/brainwashed (“educated”) with a completely perverted and false version of American and world history: I had been force-fed a Zionist banking-cartel/European royalty (“The Cabal”), ass-backward and upside-down version of history. I had been falsely led to believe that people, like my beautiful mother, had been monsters seeking to annihilate the Jewish race (the Khazarian race, in reality) from the face of the earth.

According to this perverted and false version of history, it had been “six-million Jews,” and no others, who had been harassed, imprisoned, tortured and mass-murdered by the Nazis. But in reality (in truth), there had been approximately twelve million other human beings, beyond those killed in the war, who had been harassed, imprisoned, tortured and mass-murdered also: homosexuals, “the feeble-minded,” Jehovah’s Witnesses (the only sect of Christianity to stand up to the tyranny), Gypsies and many others who were deemed to be “not fit for life” by the eugenics-driven (American Eugenics Society) Nazis.

The history books had pandered so many lies (as they still do), through omission and commission, that I simply came to regard all “history” as nothing more than a manipulative fabrication, a bald-faced lie. And one of the biggest fabrications the historical liars had indoctrinated me with, at that time, was centered around Hitler, the German people, “the holocaust,” and World War II.

First and foremost, I had been indoctrinated with the lie that every German citizen had known exactly what Hitler was doing throughout Europe, and that all of Hitler’s “concentration camps” (“death camps”) were centered in or nearby heavily populated German cities. I had been brainwashed to believe the German people, as a whole, hated Jews, and that they had not only stood by and watched, but had even supported the Nazis as they harassed, imprisoned, tortured and mass murdered the Jews. I had been brainwashed into believing that every German citizen was just like Hitler and his henchmen.

It wasn’t until years later, when I began to investigate for myself, that I would come to understand that Jews had not been the only victims at this time, and that most Germans had not hated Jews, nor had they been aware of Hitler’s atrocities being perpetrated against the Jews and a multitude of other human beings throughout Europe.

The Cabal had simply set the German people up to be the scapegoats for the atrocities the cabal was about to perpetrate, beginning with the first world war and following. The German people had suffered much more than Americans or other Europeans, during the great depression, because of the sanctions that had been imposed on them by the Treaty of Versailles, another product of the cabal. And so when Hitler was placed in power, by the Cabal, Germans were drawn to him because he had brought prosperity back to the German people: a false prosperity that had been manipulated by the cabal, in order to secure Hitler’s regime.

In other words, the German people, starting with World War I, and continuing through the end of World War II, and even beyond, had been made scapegoats by the Cabal. For what purpose, one might ask? To establish a Jewish state, Israel, where the Zionists (“the chosen people”) could grow in power and finally rule the world.

What happened in Germany and Europe, just before and during World War II, isn’t much different from what is happening right now in America and the middle east. A puppet-government, the U.S. Corporation, is being run by a Cabal comprised of Zionists and European Royalty: these power/war-mongers are primarily centered in The City of London, Tel Aviv, The Vatican and Washington D.C.. And as I write, the American puppet government is perpetrating atrocities against innocent men, women and children throughout the middle east: most have been mass-murdered by the Americans and their comrades in arms, while many others are being held captive, indefinitely, in modern day concentration camps, like Guantanamo Bay.

The powers behind this American puppet-government are the same powers that backed Hitler’s regime, before and during World War II. Obama then, like Hitler, is simply a stooge, a puppet/pawn, for the Zionist Banking-Empire and European royalty (The Cabal). But the great majority of the American people are completely ignorant to the fact that Obama is a stooge, and their government is a Cabal-operated puppet, which is, and has been, creating a modern day holocaust in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and Syria.

There are some Americans who are becoming aware of the fact that they might just be putting themselves, and their families and friends, in harm’s way by speaking out against this puppet-government. As with many German citizens, who refused to join the Nazi Party, and even spoke out against Hitler’s regime, many Americans, today, are finding that the land they have been born and raised in is anything but “free,” and that their government is “of, by and for” the wealthy and powerful few only.

So, if I were like the majority of Americans today, I would think twice before condemning the German people for what happened during World War II. Most Americans should still be capable of understanding that this would be the worst kind of hypocrisy on their part, since they have sat idly by while their puppet-government has committed atrocities against humanity, and, unlike the German people, with full knowledge and awareness.

In the end, if this broken world continues on, true history will most likely condemn the majority of American citizens in a much more severe way than the German people, since Americans, for the most part, have not only ignorantly followed their government, they have also been complicit; because they have knowingly and openly supported, and even taken part in, its crimes against humanity.

I believe that most Germans, during World War II, were completely ignorant of the atrocities being committed by the Nazi regime. Just like many Americans, today, remain ignorant of the atrocities their Zionist-led puppet-government is committing in the middle east, in particular, the elderly, the mentally and developmentally challenged and the uneducated/illiterate.

There is, however, a gigantic difference between the German people, before and during World War II, and American citizens today. And this difference is the ability to know, within seconds, what is happening all over the world. The German people, of course, didn’t have the internet, television, cell phones, Iphones and Ipads, so they couldn’t have known exactly what was happening throughout the rest of Europe at that time. But Americans are without this excuse. Americans are capable of knowing, within a few milliseconds, when one of their politicians has a date with a ten year old in Thailand.

I had deliberately and systematically been lied to by the powers that be, from childhood to early adulthood, and these vermin continue to lie to me, only now I have become, for the most part, immune to their lies. Everything these monsters put forth as truth are nothing more than manipulations, distractions and bald-face lies: their fathers and mothers were liars before them, and they have carried on that “fine” tradition. I have simply come out from among these vermin, and their nightmare-from-hell system/order, and thus am no longer under their serpentine-like spell.

The German people, before and during World War II, had simply been used to fulfill the despotic and perverse agendas/desires of these elite psychopaths, who have ruled this world for ages now. And now these psychopaths are using Americans in much the same way they had used the German people: Americans, like the German people of Hitler’s time, are being used to do these monsters’ bidding. And when these monsters are done with the U.S. Corporation, and its sheep-like citizens, they will allow it to be destroyed, just like they had allowed Nazi Germany to be destroyed.

Americans, as I’ve just described, have a technological advantage the German people didn’t have, so Americans don’t have to suffer the same outcome as the German people. But, at the moment, I am fearful that most Americans will not be willing to take hold of this technological advantage and stop these monsters in their tracks, THIS TIME.

…The global elite, it’s been said, have all the money they could ever possibly need… So what else do they want, you might ask? They want you! They want to own you! They think they already do. They do not. But if you believe they do and you accept their conventions and their twisted philosophies, well that’s good enough for them. (emphasis added)

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