Desensitization Begets Dehumanization!


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Take a good look at this photo. Look at it closely. Study it. Try to Sense, to feel, what is really taking place in this photo. Take it in and let it eat at your mind, heart and gut. The winged, machinery of death and destruction, being controlled by a tiny “human being,” is speeding away from an explosion it has just perpetrated on innocent men, women and children.

As you look at this photo, try to imagine that you and your family are in these buildings, and that all of you have survived, but with horrible injuries. While trying to care for your family, what would be your response to the multitude of other suffering and dying men, women and children around you? What could you do to help the others, who, in great agony, are screaming for you, or anyone else, to help them? Can you imagine what this scene would look like, what it would feel like: body parts everywhere, people running and screaming with their clothes and flesh on fire, while many others lay torn apart and bleeding to death.

Meanwhile, this fighter pilot is casually circling around to see how many other disenfranchised, innocent people, along with you and your family, he can maim and murder, and without ever breaking a sweat or getting bloody. How do you think you would feel about him, at this moment? How do you think you would feel about the government that had sent him to murder you, your family and all the others dying around you?

This is a photo of havoc beyond anything most of us could imagine, including me. Only folks who survived 9/11 could possibly begin to comprehend what is happening in this photo, since they know what this kind of man perpetrated hell is like.

Many “human beings” today, because of their blind religiosity, patriotism and desire to be obedient, have become completely indifferent and callous to the murdering of vulnerable and innocent men, women and children. These “human beings” have simply been mutated into obedient murder-bots, by their elite owners and trainers.

“How can be people be so heartless? How can people be so cruel? Easy to be hard…” indeed!

How can human beings become this desensitized to the pain and suffering of others, this lacking in a sense of connectedness with the rest of humanity, this dehumanized?

On the other hand, how could I have sat by, during most of my life, as this government committed these kinds of atrocities all over the planet. How could I have been so heartless and cruel? How could I have been so callous, so cavalier, that I was capable of continuing on, day after day, as if nothing were wrong and the peoples of this world were all at rest and peace? How could I have been so indifferent, so self-centered and lacking in compassion?

Just where and when did I lose my sense of being a part of the human family? Where did I lose the ability to feel anything other than complacency about the suffering of my sisters and brothers all over the world, especially since it was my government, with my money and silence, causing their suffering?

If this photo left you somewhat cold, don’t be too upset. We the people of this American nightmare have been programmed, from early childhood, to become desensitized to the sufferings of others around us, so photos and videos of destruction and death don’t impact us the way they do most fully functioning human beings.

Many of us grew up watching the Vietnam war, as it was happening, on network news broadcasts. We were the first generation of American children to become almost completely desensitized to the horrors of war. So, in this sense, our inability to relate to this photo, in a compassionate and/or appalled manner, should not be entirely unexpected. But because of this desensitizing programming, this dehumanizing brainwashing, we have become indifferent and callous to these types of photos; they have no more affect on us than a photo of an unlit asphalt road at night.

Without comprehension, we the American people have been separated from our humanity, and thus separated from our compassion for our fellow human beings. We have become numb in our minds and hearts: we have forgotten how to feel for others, how to cry for others, how to be appalled by what is being perpetrated on others. We have forgotten how to care for someone other than ourselves, because we have been programmed, from birth, to be self-centered (“self-actualized”) sheep of the state.

Thus we, in reality, have become much less human in nature than our parents and grandparents. The monstrous few, over the past three centuries, in particular, have been continually programming our ancestors and us, the disenfranchised and expendable many, to be less and less human. They have been manipulatively “devolving” us, if you will, and successfully so.

There is, however, a way to overcome this programming, if we are truly appalled at just how desensitized and dehumanized we have become. And that way is to, as much as possible, separate ourselves from this system/order. By coming out of this system/order, or not taking part in it, we can begin to see what has actually been taking place in our lives, the others around us and the rest of humanity.

For those who choose to take this step forward, life will be forever changed. What once seemed normal will suddenly become abnormal. What one had been indoctrinated to believe will suddenly become the lie of all lies. All of you have been existing in a lie. So, at first, THE TRUTH will seem shocking and overwhelming, since it is! But just hang in there, and you will find your selves never wanting to return to the lie. Once the mind and heart have experienced the truth, then consciousness will gradually begin to take over and replace the programmed existence/illusion with life/reality.

You will KNOW the truth, and then that truth will set you free.


I know this may seem dark, but it’s realistic. The vast majority of Americans and many in the west live on the defensive, reacting to anything issued by the usurping governmental powers that be. Ultimately Truth will win out, but when a tornado, from whatever origin, is bearing down on your home it’s not a time to argue with the source or the reasoning behind it. It’s too late for that. And for America it’s been too late for decades. Not only is the sleeping giant virtually dead, but karma has a way of coming around to collect her bills. Americans have by their silence and energetic and financial support been complicit in the genocide of millions around the globe for decades, as well as the rape of the planet’s resources.

What goes around… (emphasis added)

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