“I Am Homesick For A Place I Don’t Even Know Exists…”

“I am homesick for a place I don’t even know exists…” Like the author of the following article, I can completely relate to this feeling of being lost and alone. Since childhood, I have felt as if I don’t belong here, so most of my life has been spent on the outside looking in. I have always been content with this arrangement, even though it has, at points, come with a certain amount of isolation.

However, as this author points out, I have never truly been alone, since I had a very close companion with me, my own self:

The other day I saw a Facebook meme that reminded me of how much we need to turn inward. It said, “I am homesick for a place I don’t even know exists, one where my heart is full and my soul is understood.” I can relate to the feeling that the writer describes, as I had that same longing for years, sometimes believing I was misplaced… my soul couldn’t find any kinship here.

But we’re not misplaced, and there is an avenue that leads home to the heaven of the heart/mind… that place within is accessible: it’s the kingdom we’re instructed to seek first. Lately I’ve been seeking it often, realizing how fortunate I am to be in a place where I am able to do so. I have the privilege of meditation, and it’s interesting that I hadn’t seen it as a privilege before.

I’m not in a war zone watching for bombs, not living under direct threats to my life, not searching through garbage for my next meal…

The one companion we have and will always have is our own Self, and the heaven within is where we go if we wish to awaken to who we truly are. Loving our divinity and our journey takes away much of the loneliness, although some quiet longing does remain… it’s just the way humans are. Most of us don’t go about intentionally seeking a soul or spirit companion, but then again, who wouldn’t be beyond delighted if a companion should appear.

We are all sparks of the One Divinity, and our individual universes connect with each each other. We share, we love, we serve, we help, we protect, we give of ourselves, we have compassion for the other and we take pleasure in understanding and being understood.

For years I’ve been watching how we ‘connect’ and why. There is the spiritual and eternal kinship; there is the natural family and cultural kinship; and there is the alliance for a purpose, which is a kinship too. Awakened, or natural, or purposeful… we connect.

Here’s the question I began with: How did the weak take complete control of the strong? Asked again: How could a morally and physically weak person take complete control of a strong, moral and virtuous person. They can’t… unless they have a deception and an ally. Alliance is the matrix scheme of things, concocted some thousands of years ago, having grown now into a bloated, all-consuming, collapsing, destructive system.

How deep within, and how hardwired is that need to be known by another, recognized as kin, valued and protected? And has the matrix simply taken a natural desire for kinship and given it a twist, using our nature against us?

On a spiritual or soul level, we seek first the relationship with our true Self. This is our saving Grace. After connecting with Self, kinship with another awakened person is a homecoming in a sense. The love, acceptance and trust are reciprocal

Have we given up hope that Truth is more powerful than the lie? We shouldn’t. If I am to make one alliance in life, it is with my Self: that I will surrender to the Truth, no matter what it shows of me, for truth is the revelation of All That Is, pure information, pure Light and pure Love. Every soul will surrender to it eventually… (emphasis added)

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via Ties to Cut – Ties to Mend – Zen Gardner.

“…truth is the revelation of all,” including love. I hear and read many sources proclaiming love as the cure-all for humanity’s many ills, and I agree, wholeheartedly.

But I think this author is correct in suggesting that the TRUTH must come first, or love will never be genuine. Without the truth, love, like everything else, will be distorted and manipulated to serve the purposes of those who have chosen to spend their lives centered on self, those who have never been awakened, enlightened, to the truth, and who thus remain in an unconscious, programmed state: a manipulated, false state of reality, where the many are enslaved and controlled by the psychopathic few, and where true love has been replaced by a perverse, self-serving impostor.

The old Beatles’ tune should have gone like this: “All you need is truth, and then legitimate love will come naturally to all,” as opposed to, “All you need is love, love is all you need.”

As I’ve written before, I am seeking to know my self, for the first time in my life. It has been difficult for me to comprehend just how I can truly know my self, and so even more difficult to proceed in a manner that is effective. I want to know my self, so I have to trust, for now, that my desire will be enough.

“Know Thy Self” must be my quest from here forward, if I am to ever truly know and be of value to others. This I am more than certain of!