“The Ebola Crisis” & “The Zombie Apocalypse”

“The Perpetrators”
(Zen Gardner,com)

For years now, there has been an insane emphasis placed on zombies and vampires, in movies, books and television “PROGRAMMING”. The psychopath powers that be, who manipulatively and despotically control the world for now, have been literally force-feeding the x, y and millennial generations, in particular, with a steady diet of vampyrism, and a cannibalism that always seems to be created by some out-of-control “virus strain” (“pandemic”). Almost every network and cable channel I turn to have blood-slurping or flesh-eating psychos chasing after the few folks who are still alive, sane and trying to survive.

Many years ago, in my ignorance and naivete, I would have credited this macabre fascination with blood and “the undead” to nothing more than a passing fancy of youth and immaturity. But now, all of these years later, I have come to recognize this evil as anything but a youthful passing fancy. This kind of evil, in reality, has everything to do with real life and death.

In fact, the older I get the more I realize that these perverse and evil scenarios have always been, in reality, the psychotic few giving we the many a preview of coming attractions, a preview of what they have been planning to perpetrate on all of us: “Frankenstein, Dracula and zombies,” “Soylent Green,” “The Walking Dead,” “Twenty-Eight Days Later,” etc (Darwinism: eugenics and genetics).

And if we add this to the elite creatures’ obsession with artificial intelligence (“transhumanism”), the poisoning of our earth, water supply, air, food and medicine (vaccines, in particular), and their altering of natural weather patterns (California drought, wild-fires, etc), then we should begin to comprehend that these elite creatures are seeking to perpetrate a monstrous evil on all of humanity: mass genocide/extinction.

The following article deals with this subject:

by Zen Gardner

It looks like we’re going to be saddled with this ebola roll-out for a while. It seems to be working according to plan as the public jumps on the fear bandwagon and all kinds of media reports are taken at face value regarding what’s going on. A very easy environment to manipulate public sentiment, emotions and responses which is their favorite milieu.

The old problem – reaction – solution game.

I don’t like dwelling on this subject but it is front and center now and we are still in the process of deconstructing it all which is important to do. True knowledge is empowering, especially in the face of a matrix of deceit that’s trying to tighten its web of control to new levels right now.

When we see things for what they are they no longer have any power over us, as long as we stay out of the many traps they lay for us in our daily activities… (emphasis added)

via Deconstructing the Ebola Agenda – Zen Gardner.

I sense the need, as I often do, to encourage all of you not to fall into the power elite’s paranoia trap, once again. As with our ancestors before us, we have all been manipulated by these creatures for far too long. It is time for us to come out of our brainwashed trance and awaken to the fact that we are, once again, being bamboozled by the psychotic few.

Don’t take my word for it, go HERE and read for yourself.

The following video is from this article. I strongly encourage everyone to watch and listen to ALL of it:

We the people of this world must wake up, and quickly. The wealthy and powerful lunatics have been running this asylum (the system/order their ancestors created) for far too long. And now these creatures seem to have passed beyond the psychopathic and slipped right into the final stage of madness: genocidal megalomania.

The article concludes with this warning:

And whatever you do, DO NOT GET VACCINATED FOR ANYTHING nor let those you know and love do so either. That may take getting off the grid in some cases, but steer clear of possible checkpoints, especially when they start to make vaccinations mandatory. (emphasis added)

Read More Here:

via Deconstructing the Ebola Agenda – Zen Gardner.

I emphatically agree with this warning, since I know, from personal experience, what great harm vaccinations can inflict on the human body, especially with the very young, sickly and elderly.

All of us Totos out there, the vast majority of humanity, must awaken to the fact that “this isn’t Kansas” anymore; in fact, it never has been “Kansas.” This world has always been “Oz,” but the wizards in this Oz are not addlepated, benevolent old men. The “wizards behind the curtain” in this Oz are vicious, deceitful and insane creatures. Clicking the heels three times in this Oz will have no effect, since there is “no place like home” to return to.

As this article makes very clear, our fear, panic and overreaction to whatever these creatures are planning and doing, at any given moment, will only play right into their insanely evil hands. We must be aware of what they are planning, but without giving into the fear they use to keep us distracted and malleable.

Perhaps this will sum it up:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt)