Feminism: A Divisive Tool of the Power Elite!

This young woman has evidently chosen a path different from the easily-manipulated sheep who practice the ways of feminism. Feminism is just one more despotic tool of the power elite, another of these creatures' manipulative devices, like racism and religion, which keep human beings (humanity) divided and at war with each other. I applaud this … Continue reading Feminism: A Divisive Tool of the Power Elite!

“The Reality Manufacturing Company”

The Following article exposes these power elites' latest attempt at raping and pillaging all of humanity: the "Ebola Crisis," which is looking more and more like just another one of their false-flag events: 9/11 and Sandy Hook: by Jon Rappoport October 22, 2014 NoMoreFakeNews.com “The Reality Manufacturing Company doesn’t just sell ‘fake paintings’ that are … Continue reading “The Reality Manufacturing Company”