“The Reality Manufacturing Company”

The Following article exposes these power elites’ latest attempt at raping and pillaging all of humanity: the “Ebola Crisis,” which is looking more and more like just another one of their false-flag events: 9/11 and Sandy Hook:

by Jon Rappoport
October 22, 2014

The Reality Manufacturing Company doesn’t just sell ‘fake paintings’ that are easy to spot. No. They also sell images that are geared to mesh with people’s deeply held instincts and thereby produce rigid false beliefs. People are sure that if they gave up such beliefs, their world would fall apart and blow away in the wind.” The Underground, Jon Rappoport

Q: Among intelligent people, what’s the biggest barrier to understanding hoaxes pertaining to viruses?

A: Many people will tell you they see through the lies of consensus reality. They know all about them. But when you bring up a virus, and you say there is no reason to suspect a so-called outbreak is caused by a virus, they back away. They can’t imagine that kind of lie. They can’t conceive that such a lie is being told.

Q: Why?

A: They accept, as fact, what medical authorities tell them on that subject. Some people connect “the killer virus” with what they already know about high-level elites who are out to control and diminish and debilitate populations. So “killer virus” and “spreading destruction” fit that picture. Therefore, they automatically buy “the virus.”

In fact, and this is odd, there are people who categorically reject almost everything doctors and medical authorities tell them—but they choose to accept this one: the virus. They choose to believe that when the authorities say, “We have an outbreak and it’s caused by the Ebola virus,” it must be true. Very strange.

Q: The word “outbreak” is strong.

A: Yes. People, again, automatically, associate it with a virus. Movies play a role there. But when you stop and think about it, “outbreak” just means, if it means anything at all, that a number of people in the same general geo-area have become sick. A toxic chemical, for example, could cause that. A vaccine campaign could cause that.

Q: When a number of people who, say, live together become ill, the assumption is there must be a transmission of a virus from person to person.

A: Right. But that isn’t necessarily the case. It isn’t person A, then person B, then person C—it’s all of them being exposed to the same conditions. For instance, if you had 42 people all living in filth with no hope, no money, no job, and they were also exposed to a toxic chemical, and their bodies were breaking down from starvation, and they all became ill, would you call that “transmission?” Of course not.

Q: Considering US and European and African Ebola patients as a whole, don’t they prove that Ebola is caused by a virus and these patients caught the virus?

A: No. As I’ve demonstrated before, the most widely used diagnostic tests for Ebola (antibody and PCR) are unreliable, useless, and irrelevant. Therefore, to assume these patients have Ebola is unwarranted.

To say a patient has Ebola MEANS he tested positive on a reliable and relevant diagnostic procedure. It doesn’t mean anything else.

Q: What made the US and European Ebola patients sick?

A: That can only be answered by a comprehensive examination done on each patient, by an honest and competent researcher, who can, if necessary, go outside conventional assessments and consider, for example, exposure to toxic chemicals, prior treatment with toxic drugs, and other factors that most doctors ignore. The point is, you don’t discover why somebody became sick or died by saying, “What else could it be? It must be Ebola.” That question and answer reveal a titanic lack of understanding.

Q: You’re saying these US European and US patients, and some health workers, may not have been previously healthy?

A: Right. But why speculate? Why not dig in and find out in each case?

When I was writing AIDS INC., I studied a CDC report on the “first five cases of AIDS,” in Los Angeles hospitals. All five men purportedly had no immune systems left. They were called “previously healthy,” and the conclusion was there must have been a virus that wrecked their immune systems and killed them. This conclusion was widely accepted. The doctors and researchers said, “What else could it be?”

But in reading over the report, I found a number of non-viral reasons. It was easy to see that these men were far from “previously healthy.” For instance, a history of dosing with toxic medical and/or street drugs was a huge red flag. Those drugs are immunosuppressive. The rush to judgment—claiming a virus had killed them—was totally unwarranted.

Q: It’s rather mind boggling to consider that the diagnostic tests for Ebola are irrelevant and useless.

A: Without a reliable diagnostic test, there is no reason to say a person has Ebola. And of course, once an “Ebola” patient is in doctors’ hands, we don’t know what treatments he’s getting. The drugs, some of them experimental, could be highly toxic. Then the patient gets very sick, and the doctors say, “It’s Ebola.”

Q: The link between Ebola patients in West Africa and the Ebola patients in the US and Europe—that’s an important factor, isn’t it?

A: It’s important for one reason. It convinces the public that the so-called viral epidemic is real, it travels, and it is a threat, globally. It’s the capper. It sways people’s minds. But think about it. If, in Africa and the US and Europe, you have the same useless diagnostic tests being run, what do you really have? Assumptions, propaganda, and fear mongering. And you also have a cover story (the virus) for corporate and government and pharmaceutical crimes.

Q: OK. What are the two useless and irrelevant diagnostic tests being done on people, to see whether they have Ebola?

A: Let’s start with the antibody test. Two problems. First, the test is notorious for what’s called “cross-reactions.” That means the test isn’t really registering, in this case, the presence of Ebola virus. It’s registering one of a whole host of other factors. For example, in the past the patient received a vaccine, and that triggers a falsely positive reading now.

Q: What’s the second problem?

A: The antibody test doesn’t say whether a person was sick, is sick, or will get sick. At best, if there are no cross-reactions, it merely says the person had contact with the virus in question. So a positive antibody test for Ebola is far from saying “this person has Ebola disease.” That’s a lie. In fact, before 1985, the general conclusion from positive antibody tests was: this is a good sign; the patient’s immune system contacted the germ and threw it off, defeated it.

Q: What about the PCR test for Ebola?

A: This test is prone to many mistakes, starting with the tiny, tiny sample of material taken from the patient. Is it really genetic material, and is that material really a piece of a virus, or is it just a piece of general and irrelevant debris? The test itself takes that tiny sample and amplifies it millions of times so it can be observed. Assuming it is actually Ebola virus, or a fragment of Ebola virus, there is no indication there is enough of the virus in the patient’s body to make him sick. There have to be millions upon millions of active virus in the patient’s body to begin to say that virus is causing problems. The PCR test says nothing about that. In fact, why was it necessary to do the PCR test at all? If the patient had enough Ebola virus in his body to cause illness, there was no need to search for a tiny fragment of a hoped-for Ebola virus, to start the PCR test. The virus would have been everywhere…

Q: What are some of the non-virus reasons people in West Africa are dying?

A: First of all, you need to know that these non-virus causes can create the symptoms that are attributed to Ebola. Fever, fatigue, sweating, bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea.

In West Africa, you’re simultaneously looking at severe malnutrition, starvation, massive displacement by war, grinding poverty, lack of basic sanitation, open sewage, overcrowding in living quarters, highly toxic organophosphate pesticides in growing fields and indoors (spraying against mosquitos in homes and clinics—which causes bleeding)), vast overuse of antibiotics (shreds digestive systems and causes hemorrhaging), other toxic unrefrigerated medical drugs, toxic industrial pollution, vaccine campaigns that push immune systems already on the edge over the cliff… (emphasis added)

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Please take careful note of what this investigative reporter has written here, and read the entire article. Bookmark and read John Rappoport’s blog, if you want the truth. Or seek out other alternative news sources. They’re not hard to find, if you take the time to look: “Seek and you will find.”

We the people are, once again, being lied to by this oligarchy owned and operated government and media, and not just about this “Ebola Crisis,” but everything else as well. We cannot afford to trust anything these creature-owned stooges put forth as truth, whether it be Obama, the congress, or the talking heads on radio and the evening news!

But even with these alternative information sources, take the time to consider before believing what you have read; and this also goes for what I write. We must learn to trust our instincts, our intuition, which we have been indoctrinated, by this government, our families, teachers and religious leaders, to believe are untrustworthy. Our intuition (gut instincts) is always going to be more reliable than what we get from politicians and the media’s talking heads, since they are liars.

This “Ebola Crisis” is just another fear-mongering distraction to keep us unaware of what the elite powers are really doing, and it also serves to keep us in a fearful state: folks who don’t trust their own instincts, and thus “follow the leader,” are playing right into the despotic and dehumanized hands of the creatures who have them enslaved, and who are ultimately seeking their demise. If we buy into these creature’s fear-mongering false-flags and lies, then we are giving control of our selves over to them. Is this what we really want to do?

Are we aware of the fact, can we comprehend, that these demonic creatures have been using African men, women and children to create these weapon-grade viruses: Ebola and AIDS, etc? They have tortured and murdered these disenfranchised people, as if they were nothing more than lab rats, which, by the way, is how these creatures view all the rest of humanity as well.

How can we, the American people, be willing to support a government that is more than willing to torture and mass-murder innocent and helpless African men, women and children? This government is committing these atrocities, in order to decrease the population of the world. The U.S. Corporation, on orders from the oligarchy, is committing genocide in Africa and many other places around the world, and for the psychotic purposes of mass-genocide (“depopulation”) and ruling the entire world.

So, this “Ebola Crisis” is, most likely, all about gaining more wealth and power, period: the pigs must be fed, and constantly! So don’t be surprised when elite owned Big Pharma and the AMA start forcing the Ebola vaccine on you and your children. And in that syringe will be toxins, or even the disease itself, not the cure:

Wake up! Stand against these creatures, by not buying into their lies, nor actively taking part in their insane system/order. Cease being sheep to the slaughter for these creatures. Instead, stand against their monstrous tyranny, not only for you and your family’s sake, but for the sake of all the peoples of this world!