The Inbred Wizards Behind the Curtain!

For those who still believe in "The American Dream," here is a wake up call for you: “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” ~ George Orwell by Dean Henderson Two nights ago NBC Nightly News reported the massacre of 43 college students Tlatelolco in the Mexican state of … Continue reading The Inbred Wizards Behind the Curtain!


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign? Five Man Electrical Band Read more: Five Man Electrical Band - Signs Lyrics | MetroLyrics See if you're still THANKFUL, on this "THANKSGIVING," after reading the following article: by Zen Gardner “The more … Continue reading “THANKSGIVING?” FOR WHAT?

The “SS” is Back: #4

"Tell it like it is..." Cop to Other Cops: No Such Thing As Excessive Force Amanda Warren Activist Post When Reddit user Denyborg posted the following title - "This is why the police can't be trusted to investigate themselves..." - I thought it might be highlighting problems during investigations of police which are almost never conducted … Continue reading The “SS” is Back: #4

Flu Vaccines: A Big Pharma Criminal Scam! Part I

The following article exposes, in detail, how flu vaccines are not only ineffective but quite hazardous to a person's health: by SYLVIA BOOTH HUBBARD A Johns Hopkins scientist has issued a blistering report on influenza vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Peter Doshi, Ph.D., charges that although the vaccines are being pushed on the … Continue reading Flu Vaccines: A Big Pharma Criminal Scam! Part I

The “SS” is Back: #3

Time to wake up, all you owners of furry little "Totos" out there, and realize this ain't Kansas. This is Zionist owned and operated Gestapo hell, where you, your family and your pets are "fair game," in the eyes of the free-to-do-as-they-please storm troopers: Ohio Chief Offers Dumbest Response to Public Questioning Officer Dog Shooting … Continue reading The “SS” is Back: #3

“Prep for Black Friday:” Pig-Corporate Capitalism at its Worst!

"Define NECESSITY:" 1) the fact of being required or indispensable 2) an indispensable thing. "An indispensable or required thing:" food, clothing, housing, health care, freedom from the fear of being tortured and murdered. Not "an indispensable or required thing:" electronic toys, new cars, "modern conveniences," jewelry, etc, so called "GIFTS." Wanting some thing is much … Continue reading “Prep for Black Friday:” Pig-Corporate Capitalism at its Worst!