“Prep for Black Friday:” Pig-Corporate Capitalism at its Worst!


1) the fact of being required or indispensable
2) an indispensable thing.

“An indispensable or required thing:” food, clothing, housing, health care, freedom from the fear of being tortured and murdered. Not “an indispensable or required thing:” electronic toys, new cars, “modern conveniences,” jewelry, etc, so called “GIFTS.” Wanting some thing is much different than DESPERATELY NEEDING some thing to survive: the former IS NOT necessary for life to continue, while the latter IS a “NECESSITY” for life to continue. Understand, Mr and Ms Merika?

I hate to overstate this simple truth, but I seriously doubt that most Americans, today, can even begin to comprehend, accept and then respond to this truth. It’s the “I, me and mine” generation, in the “minds” of most Americans, so everyone else around the world can simply go to hell. And then Americans have the nerve to question why they and their government are despised by so many people around the world. And no, patriotic idiots, it isn’t because they hate us for being free, since we are not!

“The Ugly American” What an apropos, and yet horribly understated, description for most Americans and their low-life “leaders:” Scumbag Americans” or “Low Life Americans” is much closer, in my estimation. While men, women and children, all over this planet, are dying of starvation and disease, as well as being mass-murdered by Israeli Zionists and their American and English stooges, the American sheeple, this week, will only be concerned with “Thanksgiving, Black Friday” and Christmas. In particular, “Black Friday” seems to be of utmost importance to many Americans. But this day is even of more importance to those few who stand to gain the most from it: the oligarchy and their corporate stooges.

To me, “Black Friday” has always sounded like a horror movie. And from my perspective, it is the worst kind of horror movie, since it is real and involves the worst traits human beings can exhibit.

Thus this coming Friday morning, bright and early, Americans, by the millions, will line up and wait for the bell to ring and doors to swing open, just like a pack of two-legged Pavlovian dogs. And when that bell rings and those doors swing open, this herd of animals will literally crush and trample each other, while struggling to be first to get to all the goodies “ON SALE.” Yes sir, these cattle are not only concerned about getting the sale price on the crap their about to go in debt for, they must get to these products first. It’s as if this is the Kentucky Derby for sheep and cattle.

What a nauseating, disgusting spectacle, and it happens every year: overweight, barely educated, uncultured women, and some “men,” waddling as fast as they can to get the newest electronic toy for little Bobby Sue and Billy Bob. Like porkers to a fresh batch of slop, these brainwashed/brain-dead, loud-mouth morons will push and shove their way past the other “shoppers” around them. Some of these mindless idiots will even be trampled or suffer cardiac arrest and die, but this won’t stop the herd from moving forward. From a distance, one can hear this greed-driven herd bleating and mooing, “Gots ta gets mine!”

And meanwhile, in the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world, disenfranchised and downtrodden human beings will be helplessly watching as their children die from starvation and disease: the perverse, despotic outcomes of having been used as lab rats for American/Zionist manufactured environmental and biological weapons. Weapons that the American people support and pay for with their tax dollars. But will this truth be on the minds and hearts of most Americans on Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Of course not, life, this world and the universe exist to serve them only.

Late this Friday night, after all the merchandise has been ransacked, and the dead bodies of “shoppers” removed, this is what will be left: millions of out of work men and women, who are about to lose their homes, will be stuck with more debt than they can possibly afford. And meanwhile, the corporate pigs, and their oligarch owners and operators, will be slobbering over the trillions they have made off of these easily led sheep and cattle.

“Thanksgiving,” what a sad joke. What the hell is there to be thankful for? Wake up!

Why don’t we suspend this bullshit holiday, until we, once again, wake up and make this world a place to be thankful for, and not just for Americans, but for all of humanity.