“Geoengineering” & the “Ozone”

I found the following video on Zen Gardner.com. It addresses an issue that I’ve been wondering about for the last fifteen years plus:

Over the past fifteen or so years, I have noticed that the sun seems to be burning my skin and bothering my eyes. I have always chalked this up to my age and the medications I take for asthma. It has actually gotten to the point where it hurts my skin to be in the sun, and my eyes will no longer completely adjust to the sunlight, even after being outside for an hour or more. In fact, many times the effect of the sun on my eyes will lead to an “ocular migraine.”

So this video, if you will, shines some new light on this subject.

It is evident to me that the elite powers are creating havoc with the environment and, in particular, the weather, and so negatively effecting our health.