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Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
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See if you’re still THANKFUL, on this “THANKSGIVING,” after reading the following article:

by Zen Gardner

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” – Cornelius Tacitus (55 – 117 A.D.)

Everything on our planet is regulated – as in ruled by law.  Whether they be outright laws, local ordinances or any type of restrictions, in not just physical activity but also social rules over interactions. Under the guise of so-called democratic societies giving the impression that we agreed to all of this or even thought it up for ourselves, we now live seriously restricted lives, with the penalty of fines or incarceration looming over our heads if we don’t obey.

It’s all about control. Carefully manipulated control.

To regulate means: “to control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.” When you identify just how un-free we are to live, think and operate as we are naturally intended to, it can be quite a wake up call. Most people can see this to some extent, but the full on reality of this imposed prison on humanity needs to dawn on a heck of a lot more souls. The matrix concept is no joke – it’s an insidious yoke upon the human soul, trapping and sapping our very energy while spellbinding humanity with its giant jumbotron of deliberate misinformation.

The Mounting World of Regulations

Just look at any set of regulatory rules. They’re beyond natural description. The US IRS code alone would fill up over 80,000 legal pages of rules and regulations for the falsely entrapped American, binding them to conditions and stipulations that boggle the mind. Or just try to build a house, or buy property, or start a business and the paper work is beyond surreal between the legal contracts, banking conditions, zoning issues and on and on.

Try to enjoy a public park or any such facility, and the rules will be full frontal. Don’t do this, don’t do that, “punishable by…..”

The conditioning is intense, and has been carefully sculpted to encroach on humanity for millennia, but now much more than ever. The inquisition was mild compared to the control power of this massive programmed legal and social grid thrown over humankind. We need to be aware of the extent of it and not blinded by the sugar coated glitz and glamor and flashy ads and products. Just walk through a supermarket or down a city street – it makes “They Live” look tame once you see through it.

Their True Agenda

We’re seeing this aspect put squarely in our faces via predictive, esoteric and occult programming. If you haven’t seen this movie yet it’s worth the watch. It’s quite the confessional, along the lines of “They Live” about the deeper realities behind this surface programming and mental conditioning. As the public imbibes and accepts these realities they are unwittingly accepting, endorsing and empowering way more than they bargained for.

That’s the deeper aspect of spiritual contracts which we’ll get into more in the near future.


Always a Can’t, Never a Can

Their message is never empowering, but always disempowering. It’s not what you CAN do, it’s what you CAN’T do. Restrict, bind, inhibit, control. That’s their agenda and it’s on us full frontal. The behavior of those around us is testament to this. Once you wake up to it it’s shocking.

Look around you – read your labels and advisories on anything in print, on line or in public – it’s never empowering, always qualifying their intention to protect themselves while putting the onus on you, the consumer or participant, to stay within the “guidelines” and not step over the boundaries.

The real problem now is people are accustomed to it. After decades of mental infringement, the general mind set is to yield and obey and acquiesce in the face of these limitations imposed by “authorities”. A very sad “state” indeed. The sheeple-ization seems to have been a success to a large degree.

But not for me. Or you.

Pavlovian Entrainment Takes A Toll

Stimulus-response mechanisms when repeated over and over entrain the mind and hence behavior. It may appear obvious at the time or even in retrospect, but understanding the depth of the programming can be disconcerting. From school buzzers and bells between classes, fire alarms, honking horns, warning signs, flashing emergency lights, everything interrupted by ads and commercials, signs with “don’t” instructions, threats of violent police reprisals and the like, it takes a toll.

Then add to the mix pop culture and its many mind steering attitudes and perverse inclinations.

The key concept of the social engineers is conditioning. Repeat repeat repeat. Be they lies, misrepresentations, omissions, violent images, scare tactics, just keep the barrage going is their MO.

As long as the herd mentality stays pinned to the matrix wall they’re happy. That’s why shirking the whole thing is so important. It can’t be a partial break with this evilly intentioned insanity. It needs to be a clean break. Every one of those tendrils sapping our life force and direction, attention as well as intention is lethal.

Just as their insane worldwide plan of decimation is designed to literally kill off humanity and transform humans into a different, more easily subservient entity on a deliberately eviscerated planet, so this social and so-called legal slavery enhancement and reinforcement is eroding humanity by our continued exposure to it… (emphasis added)

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Yes sir, praise your particular god today, and “THANK” him for all these “blessings.”

Grow up! Wake up!


This whole manipulative day makes me want to vomit. This is the day set up by the pigs to fatten up all you sheep, so you’ll go out tomorrow and go deeper into debt, while they pad their pockets. All together now “Baaaa, Baaaa”

Beyond this article, here is what you have to be “thankful” for today:

* A police state and its storm-troopers
* Ferguson, Missouri and other cities where the “SS” have murdered black people
* No gainful employment for the poor and middle class
* No income to pay your bills
* No income to pay your mortgage, insurance and taxes
* No income to pay your utility bills
* No income to buy clothes and food for your children
* A government owned and operated by a foreign oligarchy
* A government filled with elected stooges who lie and cheat, constantly, for their pig owners and handlers
* A government that wages war on the disenfranchised peoples of this world, in order to bring in more wealth and gain more power for their pig bosses
* An education system (public and higher) that rapes your children’s minds and pillages their souls: propagandizing/indoctrinating brainwashing machinery
* A culture that has been destroyed by the capitalists’ low-life commercial entertainment industry: music, television, movies, books, the internet.
* A culture of violence and hatred: blacks hating whites, whites hating blacks, and both sides condoning their reasons for their hatred and violence towards each other, and all by the design of the power elite
* A worldwide climate and environment that is quickly being raped by the pigs
* A food supply tainted by man-made toxins that are slowly making all of us ill.
* An elite minority hell bent on the extermination of the majority of humanity
* A medical profession that no longer cares about its patients: The AMA
* Drug manufacturers (Big Pharma: pushers) producing toxic vaccines and medications, in order to help exterminate us
* A world devoid of peace, unity, love and decency: a living hell