“5 Reasons Police Body Cameras Are a Terrible Idea”

Do you think cameras on storm-troopers are a good idea? The author of the following article doesn’t think so:

5 Reasons Police Body Cameras Are a Terrible Idea

Activist Post

Police abuse is a major problem not because of a few bad apples but because of the training, equipment, and tactics.

The establishment wants the public arguing about who the victims are of police brutality instead of focusing on the actions police routinely get away with

Police are somehow anointed with special privileges that regular citizens do not have. They are allowed to break into people’s homes, spy on them, harass them in the street, confiscate suspicious cash, and murder citizens if they do not comply with their demands…

These actions are obviously wrong and illegal if anyone except “authorities” carries them out. If 2014 proved anything, it’s that police can get away with murder while average citizens can’t exchange cigarettes without a license.

This has caused protests and riots throughout the country and the solution being offered is not to change the laws to remove these absurd privileges from cops, but to put a camera on every single officer…

Here are 5 reasons to oppose body cameras for cops:

Video didn’t matter in publicized cases: In the case of Eric Garner, the NY man who was choked to death for selling loose cigarettes, clear video footage did not matter. In the court’s eyes disobeying officers is grounds for using lethal force. Case closed, at least until laws are changed.

Privacy, facial recognition: Technology already exists for cameras to be equipped with facial recognition software that could immediately identify anyone the cop comes in contact with. And with new threat level analysis of social media and other “watch list” mechanisms, cops will be motivated to stop someone without actual probable cause. This is extremely dangerous for liberty. This alone should halt your support for mandatory police cameras.

Boondoggle – Just like Michael Chertoff cashed in on naked body scanners following the sketchy underwear bomber, several cronies will make big bucks outfitting all police with these cameras and for providing supposed oversight.

Ends being let off with a warning: Remember the good cops who let you off on warnings for minor infractions? Say goodbye to that. Police cameras will be used to hold police accountable to their bosses more than to the public.

Cops can turn them off: Cops can easily turn the cameras off, and precincts can delete or edit footage in their favor. Cameras are as good as useless if people don’t trust the system to preserve and use the footage wisely.

Cameras may prevent some good cops from acting like complete thugs; however, when thuggish behavior is not just tolerated but legal in the eyes of the system, does it really matter if we have that behavior on video or not? (emphasis added)

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“No towel heads or blacks near by, so, for now, you’ll have to do!”
(Dees Illustration)

This writer makes some pretty good points. In particular, I agree that the storm-trooper cameras can be shut off, and videos of these horrendous events have done nothing, in a legal sense, to help the victims thus far. And I also agree that these cameras can, and will, be used in despotic, “Big Brother” ways.

But I completely disagree, as I have before, that “training” is part of the problem, when it comes to storm-trooper violence against citizens. The problem is psychotic assholes (“warriors” and “wounded warriors”) being hired to be storm-troopers, and not how they are trained.

But the real problem, beyond the elite pigs’ pigs in uniform, is the law itself. The law has always existed to serve the needs of the elite few, by the elite few, and for the elite few only! The law, like the piece of shit government that spawned it, does not represent and serve we the people, nor has it ever. And if you disagree with my premise, then would you care to explain why these psychotic murderers, with badges, uniforms and weapons, are never indicted for the murders of innocent people they so brazenly commit; in particular, the murders of black men, women and children? And then can you explain why the Zionist banking criminals (the Zionist banking-cartel), after causing the current depression, have never been charged, indicted, tried, convicted and incarcerated, but instead, were “bailed-out” with your tax dollars? Want more? Then check this out:

FERGUSON TOP 40 | Tubularsock.

Justice is not blind, she can clearly see who she serves, and it isn’t you and me! Justice, as she always has been, is just one of many whores, male and female, who exist solely to serve the powers that be. And thus those “equally-weighted” scales of her’s should be removed, and then shoved, forcibly, up the nether regions, the dark recesses, of the power elite pigs and their ambulance-chasing shysters: judges as well as lawyers.

Once again, the law, like everything else in this U. S. Corporation from hell, represents and serves ONLY the psychopathic, wealthy and powerful few. And the only “bones” the law has ever tossed the people’s way have been more and more restrictive laws, obscene fines, rigged indictments and trials, low-life shysters (“public defenders”), paid-off judges and redneck-run prisons, which all serve to make even more blood-money for the elite pigs, while raping and pillaging the rest of us.

Getting the picture yet?

If we the people ever want justice, then this corporation, this system/order from hell, will have to go! Until then, just bend over and yell, as you’re being harassed, beaten and/or murdered by a storm-trooper, “Thank you, sir pig, may I have another!” Or better yet, just bend over and simply kiss your ass goodbye, knowing, all the while, that the psychopath snuffing out your life is fully licensed to do so by this government, and that your hard-earned money (if you are among the few who have a job) went to local, state and federal taxes that are, as you’re being murdered, providing your assailant’s salary.

Ain’t it great? All together, now, “USA! USA! USA!”

Wake the hell up!


It seems I’m not the only one who sees the U.S. Corporation “justice system” as a piece of shit:

2014: The Year the American Justice System Officially Died

Carey Wedler

Activist Post

In 2014, the problem of police brutality forced itself to the forefront of the national conversation following the brutal killing of Americans at the hands of the police. This increased attention has been a success for activists from all walks of life and for the well-being of citizens. The problem of racism and police murders that involve it is finally receiving widespread acknowledgment and opposition.

But as much as the issue of police abuse needs attention, it remains that injustice in America permeates layers of society that transcend law enforcement, race, and problems of direct violence against citizens.

Rather, police brutality is a symptom of much deeper decay in the concept and system of “justice” in the United States. As much as murderous cops escaping punishment is outrageous, here are other travesties that occurred in 2014:

The Senate attempted to stifle the free speech of any journalist it did not define as “press,” calling the bill a protection of the first amendment. Most of Congress cheered Israel on from June through the summer while it pummeled Gaza. They authorized hundreds of millions in material support. At the end of the summer, President Obama began illegally bombing Syria while drone attacks exposed for killing civilians and children continued… (emphasis added)

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