“The Agenda to Promote the Dark Side – The Music Industry Exposed”

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The elite pigs’ obsession with raping and pillaging does not end with the natural/physical realm. The elite pigs are also out to rape and pillage what they know to be their true enemy, the psyche/soul of the masses. By psyche/soul, I mean the portion of each individual that sets him or her apart from the beasts of the field: the cognitive and affective, the mind, heart and esoteric/spiritual. And how the pigs have chosen to attack us in our psyches/souls, over the last century, has been mainly through the use of degenerate commercial-art forms, and in particular, music. The elite pigs use subliminal, mind-control devices to keep we the people in a false state of reality, and commercial-art has become one of these devices.

Take any art form, whether it be of the written, visual or performance kind, and then allow an elite pig to get his or her psychopathic hooves on it, and it won’t be long before that art form has been mutated into a pile of steaming, corporate-pig shit! Or in other words, elite/corporate wealth and power are the mass-murderers of true art:

The Agenda to Promote the Dark Side – The Music Industry Exposed

David Gardner, Conscious Reporter

Waking Times

It’s no secret that the music industry has a huge impact on the direction of our culture. When the industry’s biggest stars are “obsessed” with the macabre, and their performances and music videos promote evil acts, demon possession and darkness, what kind of culture will be created? Will spiritual values survive in a world where darkness is increasingly embraced and glorified?

“Music directly represents the passions of the soul. If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person.” ~Aristotle

The first article in this series investigated the huge amount of dark esoteric symbols being promoted in the music industry. This article explores how references to darkness in popular music extend well beyond the use of symbols, creating a culture where the forces of evil are celebrated and practically worshipped by proxy throughout the world.

Music makes up a huge part of our lives. We listen in our spare time, to entertain us while we’re going to work, to motivate us – we might even have songs from our favourite artists stuck in our head all day long! Popular musicians undeniably hold a powerful position in our lives, having a big impact over the direction of our thoughts, emotions and actions. For many people they are life’s biggest role models.

There have been numerous scientific studies that show how we as a species are prone to imitating and conforming to the requests of powerful people and how easily we go along with social norms. Recently there has been much concern about the effect celebrities have on the values of adolescents who often mimic adult behaviours they witness in the media without fully understanding their consequences.

Collectively the videos of popular artists have billions of views on YouTube, and vast numbers of fans buy albums and visit concerts every year. That’s a lot of influence to have on the impressionable minds of future generations.

“Celebrity worship now provides an important reference point for growing up. It’s part of the transfer of attachment from parents to peer group. Also, whereas in past times family, friends and teachers were influential role models, celebrities now fulfill that role.” – John Maltby, co-author of a study on the attitudes of youth towards celebrities Source

When we start to look deeper into the popular music industry we can begin to see an undercurrent opposed to the values of spirituality and inner development, in which popular artists in their own words are “fascinated” and “obsessed” with things of darkness. This then spreads throughout society due to their influence.

Are we seeing the beginning of a new social norm at the expense of the values required to awaken spiritually?

Promoting acts of evil

Black magic appeals to the mass mind. It appeals to the principles of our civilization. It offers something for nothing.
– Manly P Hall, Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics

Beyond glorifying excessive materialism, substance abuse, eating disorders, murder and sexual violence – often to cheers from the audience – many popular artists promote shocking acts with links to dark occultism.

Take for instance Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All – a young and heavily promoted rap outfit who have been described as “giddily nihilistic” (nihilism is a belief that life holds no meaning and therefore all moral principles are rejected) and whose album artwork, video clips and performances are packed with references to evil.

Odd Future frequently reference and seem to idolise serial killers, including lyrical references to Jeffrey Dahmer and David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), and song titles referencing Richard Ramirez (and his nickname “Night Stalker”) and Albert Fish. Their covers for album Goblin (a type of evil demon or monster) depict occultist Buffalo Bill, and Tyler the Creator with upside down crucifix and with the black eyes of a demon, both covers alluding to their familiarity with the occult… (emphasis added)

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via The Agenda to Promote the Dark Side – The Music Industry Exposed | Zen Gardner.

One point that eludes this author is that, sadly, many of we the people have been programmed to view our selves and others as just another “species”, another “evolved” life form brought about by chance and mutation. If we are merely another species, then why should we be that much different from the vicious animals found in the wild? I love animals, wild and domesticated, but wild animals are cruel and ultra-violent creatures; they seem to love the kill and the taste of blood, as do a minority of human beings.

So if you truly believe (not know, but believe) human beings came about by chance and mutation, just like the animals, then why are you so shocked when we human beings are attracted to and take part in so-called less-than-human behavior? And don’t give me the BULLSHIT about morality, empathy and compassion evolving, because none of you have any SOLID evidence to support your multisyllabic “scientific” bullshit! If we can sense wrong from right, then we do not come from a common ancestor, since no other “species” exhibits this trait, at least none in the wild.

The fact is, we have allowed the powers that be to desensitize us to the point that many of us have become animal-like (dehumanized). Of course, this has been the goal of the power elite, since they first introduced Darwin and his unsubstantiated hypothesis as law. The elite powers want to dehumanize us, so they can control and conquer us. And what better way to accomplish this task, then to make us believe our closest ancestors were mindless, puke-eating, constantly-masturbating and overly-aggressive chimpanzees.

{Note: as Oscar Wilde states here, true art does not exist to please the masses or make money. Unlike businesses and corporations, true art doesn’t stoop to sell itself like a whore on the street. True art exists to raise humanity up and above the low and mediocre pursuits of life, like business, wealth and power (‘survival of the fittest’). True art raises humanity up to a higher life, while business, wealth and power drag humanity down to the depths of depravity!}

The arts, above all other endeavors of humankind, are capable of raising us up and above the rest of creation, if, that is, we allow them to do so. And music, in particular, connects us with a side of our selves that is almost impossible to explain in mundane and cold scientific terminology and theory. Music goes beyond the tedious realm we exist in now: real music takes us to a place where mere science is relegated back to its low, basic position in life. Music, along with the other arts, raises us up to a place where the mundane and mediocre in life are no longer ruling us. It sets us above and beyond this realm we find ourselves trapped in, if we allow it.

But the elite pigs have taken the arts, and music, in particular, and dragged them down to the level of man’s darker nature (his “survival of the fittest” nature), where his need for religion and gods, like Moses and Satan and Darwin and natural-selection, becomes all consuming.

Intelligence/genius does not always equate to a higher state of being. Some of the lowest of low-life individuals who exist, today, have high “IQs” and Phds, so when it comes to what truly sets human beings apart from the rest of creation, these individuals come up sorely lacking. And the powers that be want all the rest of us to be like these soulless, artistically/culturally-dead “geniuses”; they want us thinking ourselves into black and white corner after black and white corner, where life is drudgery and pain. The elite pigs want us unaware of, or rejecting, the higher callings in life, like true art, true music; the higher callings that would allow us to see through their manipulations and bald-faced lies, and then send them back to the hell they slithered out of!

The problem with commercial music/art isn’t what it is doing to our “culture”, but what it is doing to us as human beings. To hell with our culture, which doesn’t exist in America anyway. We need to be worried about what commercial music/art is doing to we the people and our children.

And just for the record, this raping and pillaging of music didn’t begin with MTV. This rape of music has been happening since the end of the nineteenth century. The commercial music that is raping and pillaging all of us, today, is merely the bastard offspring of a century old demon dressed in five-thousand dollar suits and holding a recording contract.

Note: this is a long article, but it is well worth your time, especially if you are a concerned, loving parent.