The Zionist/NWO Edict from the Vatican: “Be Fruitful and Multiply” is Out! Depopulation is In!

“Obey the Zionists, my children. Obey!”

The hierophant of all heirophants, the pope, is selling out the god his predecessors helped to create. And he evidently has perpetrated this crime against his god in order to align himself more closely with his Zionist brethren. Here is the proof:

Pope Pushing Depopulation Agenda of the Georgia Guidestones?

Activist Post

With the Vatican increasingly endorsing new “how to live” rules for their followers and society, they have clearly become more political than they’ve been in a long time. Pay attention.

In the video below, YouTube reporter RedsilverJ explains how the Pope appears to be pushing the agenda that’s etched into the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

He points to the church’s recent support for climate change action and for telling Catholics to be “responsible parents” to control the population. These complimentary stances based on “science” seem to directly coincide with commandments on the Georgia Guidestones.

RedsilverJ did not mention the Pope’s recent “there are limits to free speech” comments, but they could also be attributed to an agenda to limit human freedom.

via Activist Post: Pope Pushing Depopulation Agenda of the Georgia Guidestones?.

My parents forced me to become Catholic, when I was thirteen-years old. In 1963, children didn’t tell their parents what they were or were not going to do, children did what they were told. So by the time I was in high-school, I had been force-fed a diet of “catechism” (papal indoctrination/brainwashing) dogma like, “Sex outside of marriage gets you a one-way ticket to hell,” and “The use of contraceptives is a sin against god!” And the “reasoning” was that Catholics were, according to “the word of god”, to “be fruitful and multiply,” as long, that is, as a man and woman [only] were married first. But now, just like the Darwinian atheists, with their “natural selection” doctrine/dogma, the pope is making up the laws/rules (doctrines/dogma) of his god as he goes along: what is good for The New World Order, and his Zionist brethren, is evidently good enough for Catholics, according to this wafer-eating, wine-slurping fraud!

And does it strike anyone else as being strange that this “Georgia Guidestones” temple resides in the heart of the redneck, bible-thumping South: Georgia? I mean wouldn’t it have been better for this Zionist/Darwinian, genocide-condoning monstrosity to be set up in bastions of religion-hating states, like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California and the New England states? I’m surprised church-going, “god-fearing” southerners haven’t nuked the damn thing yet.

“The Georgia Guidestones”

What a Hitler Youth, elitist pile of Darwinian/Zionist horseshit! Who died and proclaimed these assholes god of this world? The cowards didn’t even have the guts to put a signature and contact info on this travesty. I would suggest these self-proclaimed oligarchs of the known universe, whoever they may be, look up the following psycho-babble terms, which more than apply to them: paranoid, egomania, megalomania, narcissism and psychopathy! Where do all these inbred assholes come from? Are they human beings with severe mental and emotional problems: did their mommies and daddies make them perform sexual favors in those naughty places, or were they just naturally born assholes? Or are they, as some believe, reptiles in the shape of human beings, aliens from “a galaxy far, far away?” Either way, they are a waste of flesh and bones.

In reality, it should be we the people of this world who are considering how to rid our selves of this tiny, minority of virulent bacteria that is destroying we the people and this planet!

“Guidestones”? You might know this piece of shit would amount to some kind of anal-retentive legalism, since that is what this “land of the free” has always been about: “Don’t do this” and “Don’t do that, or else!” “Land of the free,” my ass! “Land of the enslaved morons without a clue” is more like it!

Someone with some guts, if there is anyone left, should get rid of this genocide-encouraging piece of shit. And then he or she should gather others together to go after the  eugenics-worshiping assholes who are responsible for its existence! As far as I’m concerned, this temple of Zionist/Darwinian bullshit is nothing less than a declaration of war on we the people of this world. And if we the people are at war with these pigs, then maybe we should start acting like it?

Once again, there is a tiny minority of inbred psychopaths who are threatening all of humanity, and this tiny minority can be identified by a couple of unmistakable features: extreme wealth, extreme political power, a love of Zionism/Israel, a hatred of the common man and woman, and lastly, membership in organizations like The Illuminati, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Federal Reserve and The Council on Foreign Relations (“The Shadow Government”), just to name a few. The members of these organizations are those declaring war on we the people of this world. These are the vermin who are most likely responsible for the Georgia Guidestones.

So I will pose this question one more time, Are we the people of this world, all seven-billion of us, really going to allow this tiny handful of hated-filled, inbred psychopaths to slowly but surely exterminate us?