Handcuffs, Leg Shackles and Tasers: The New Face of Punishment in the Public Schools

I would encourage all parents, who do not home school their children, to read this article!

John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

“In many parts of the country, teachers are viewed as beyond reproach, much like doctors, police officers, or clergy … and, therefore, are rarely challenged about their classroom conduct. In some cases, this means that actions that would be considered criminal if committed by a parent remain unchallenged by law enforcement if they occur in a school setting.”—Senator Tom Harkin, “Dangerous Use of Seclusion and Restraints in Schools Remains Widespread and Difficult to Remedy: A Review of Ten Cases

Roughly 1500 kids are tied up or locked down every day by school officials in the United States.

At least 500 students are locked up in some form of solitary confinement every day, whether it be a padded room, a closet or a duffel bag. In many cases, parents are rarely notified when such methods are used.

On any given day when school is in session, kids who…

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Khazarian-Zionism in All of Its Disgusting, Monstrous Glory!

Here are the NEW "chosen people" of the Hyksos/Hebrew god, in all of their monstrous glory: the Khazarian-Zionists. And here is their perverse and murderous modus-opernadi at work: they seek out the disenfranchised and weak in the world, and then harass, imprison, torture and mass-murder them, and then seize their land and everything they own. … Continue reading Khazarian-Zionism in All of Its Disgusting, Monstrous Glory!