Khazarian-Zionism in All of Its Disgusting, Monstrous Glory!

Here are the NEW “chosen people” of the Hyksos/Hebrew god, in all of their monstrous glory: the Khazarian-Zionists. And here is their perverse and murderous modus-opernadi at work: they seek out the disenfranchised and weak in the world, and then harass, imprison, torture and mass-murder them, and then seize their land and everything they own. These creatures amount to two-legged locusts that swarm over and destroy everything that stands in the way of their psychopathic appetite for wealth and power.

The origins of these horrific creatures began in Central/Eastern Europe, around the seventh or eighth century A.D., in Khazaria:

Thus they are the people once referred to as Khazarians. They are not middle-eastern, period, and so insulting them or questioning their bald-faced lies IS NOT, nor has it ever been, “anti-Semitic” in any way; since they are not, nor have they ever been, a Semitic people! As was the case with many other ancient European tribes, the Khazarians were treacherous barbarians; they were a warring, thieving, blood-thirsty people, with an imperialist appetite, who had little regard for human life outside of their own. And, unfortunately, they never “evolved” any further than this primitive, barbaric state, which they still exhibit today. And now these Khazarian-Zionists are camped out in Palestine (“Israel”), where they are raping and pillaging the Palestinian people, whom they have, up to this point, “conquered”; they also control most of Europe and the United States Corporation as well.

These creatures make up the largest segment of what I refer to as “the powers that be”, “the elite-pigs”, “the one-percent”, “the cabal” and “the oligarchy”. These are the creatures who are raping and pillaging the world and its peoples, including all of us here in this U.S. Corporation hell on earth.

You want to know who your real enemy is, Mr. and Ms. Merica? Well it isn’t the Islamic peoples of this world, as you have been brainwashed to believe. Your real enemies are these Khazarian-Zionist creatures.

Understand this, I am not referring, here, to current day Jews, or who the Khazarian-Zionists refer to as “the lesser brethren.” I am referring to a sect of Occult/Satanic butchers and liars who are masquerading as Jews, and who, at the moment, are illegally occupying a land that rightly belongs to the Palestinian people.

You see, the Hyksos, who became the Hebrews, were as bad as these Khazarian-Zionist creatures who now occupy Palestine. The Hyksos tribe had also invaded and conquered the Palestinian people, as they had the Egyptians before: the Hyksos/Hebrews didn’t have to escape from Egypt, as the lying old testament states, the poor Egyptians finally conquered the invading Hyksos tribe and drove them out of Egypt. In fact, in my opinion, it could be that these Khazarian-Zionists have been possessed by the evil spirits of the ancient Hyksos/Hebrew tribe, or at least they act as if they have been.

It would appear that all of this may just be one of those old curses, spoken of in the bible, which is passed down from one generation to another. And if so, then it behooves we the people of this world to take control of this old curse and completely destroy it, before it destroys us and this planet!


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