“The surrender to modern education: brainwashing”

The following article paints a grim, and yet accurate, picture of the American “public education” system. This article reveals why many parents, today, are wisely choosing to home-school their children:

The surrender to modern education: brainwashing

by Jon Rappoport


“There is a movement to make children into social animals, but not just that. The objective is to make them good social animals, and better than good—the best and most wonderful, special, special, special social animals… and in the process, to cherish them, to profess great love for them—when love is ALREADY a given. When you pile sloppy sentiment on top of what is already naturally there, you’re selling a child a grotesque counterfeit, and he knows it. He either invents his own false sentiments, in order to have a role in the farce, or he rebels at a deep level. Either way, he’s confused. He doesn’t understand these insane overreaching adults.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

It may be hard for today’s parents to believe, but millions of children in America came through the public education system in the 1940s and 50s, and learned the basics—without a shred of cheery happy rainbow goo-goo decorations and slogans on the walls of classrooms.

Learning as seduction did not exist. Learning as “get the child interested” didn’t exist.

It wasn’t important or necessary to “uplift the child.”

Audio-visual aids were entirely absent.

Nor were teachers concerned with producing little humanitarians. There was no instruction in “getting along” or “relationships.” Or “cooperation.”

No values of any kind were taught. They were learned at home and on the playground, without the presence of teachers.

Children who misbehaved to the point of disrupting the classroom were sent away. Warned, suspended, expelled. Otherwise, behaviorism didn’t exist.

Social agendas? Political agendas? Medical agendas? Psychological agendas? Sex education? Group projects? Expressing feelings? Sharing? Never heard of it.

Teachers taught their subjects. Students learned. That was the beginning and end of school.

Reading, writing, math. No grading on a curve.

There was very little nasty competition. Students wanted to achieve (or they didn’t). They knew how well they were doing by learning the material, and by test grades.

The text books were old-fashioned. Many were used, second-hand. Publishers hadn’t yet invented the scam of peddling new books with “new formulations and methods” every few years.

A text book covered a subject in obvious small increments. New concept introduced; many student exercises, designed to illustrate the concept in action. Then, next new concept, with exercises. And so on.

The teacher would explain each new concept, and show how it worked on the blackboard. The whole class would do some of the relevant exercises from the book.

The remaining exercises would be done as homework. The next day: turn in the homework for grading. Take a quiz on yesterday’s lesson. Go on to a new lesson.

The teachers managed to supervise this process without complaining that it wasn’t creative, without having a nervous breakdown.

Creativity and imagination for the students? This was launched through gaining the rock-solid ability to read a book. A student would read a novel on his own and travel to another world.

Education was simple, straightforward. Yes, it was hard work, and yes, there were deficiencies, particularly in the study of history, and in the absence of instruction in logic, but all in all it worked.

It was understood, in every classroom, that sufficient numbers of drills, exercises, and tests were necessary for learning to take place. There was no way around it.

“We need more money” wasn’t an excuse or a complaint or a justification for failure to teach.

If a student got Fs, he repeated the grade, or went to summer school to catch up. No one was graduated on the basis of mere attendance.

“Self-esteem” didn’t exist. Children weren’t “special.” They certainly weren’t “world citizens.”

Again, no one taught values. That would have been considered meddling. Brainwashing… (emphasis added)

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“No values of any kind were taught. They were learned at home and on the playground, without the presence of teachers… Again, no one taught values. That would have been considered meddling. Brainwashing…”.

There was no control-freak nanny-state yet. Education was the domain of both parents and teachers, then, but VALUES were strictly the responsibility of the parents; the ones who rightly shouldered the responsibility for teaching values to their children. In this way, parents knew their children were not being indoctrinated/brainwashed, when it came to personal values/philosophies/ideologies.

“Self-esteem” didn’t exist. Children weren’t “special.” They certainly weren’t “world citizens.”

Thanks to the current state of American education, our children now believe they are special simply because they exist. Children, today, expect, and demand, to be praised, even when what they have produced is mediocre or they have produced nothing at all. “Self actualized this and self esteem that” has created generation after generation of egomaniacal nincompoops who, for all intents and purposes, are worthless to everyone, including themselves; these poor souls have trouble completing even the simplest of tasks, and when they do manage to complete some thing, it is mediocre at best. But these self-absorbed, self-proclaimed “stars” believe their minuscule efforts are still worthy of being praised and rewarded. And this education system, in particular, is responsible for these young people’s miserable narcissistic state. The elite pigs’ system/order wants these young people in this sad state of existence: in this self-absorbed imbecilic-state, the system/order can more easily manipulate and control these ignorant and inept megalomaniacs, even more so than it can their flag-waving, “USA” shouting parents.

Over the last half-century, the nanny-state control-freaks have taken control of the education (indoctrination) of children and the teaching of values (brainwashing), so that parents have no say, whatsoever, in what their children are being taught to know, believe and value. It isn’t an education system anymore, not that it ever was, it is an indoctrination/brainwashing machine, which creates mindless, obedient cogs with which to keep this tyrannical system/order running smoothly. And it will remain this way, until it is done away with, or, more likely, until the cogs are no longer needed, when transhumanism, or the singularity, has become fully operational.

Public education began in America, during the “Industrial Revolution,” as an instrument of the state: it was a system created by the wealthy and powerful elite to raise up obedient, human cogs to run the machinery/industry of “modern civilization”. So it should be no surprise that, today, this system is still being used as a manipulative tool to control and rule over the masses. Only now, the cogs, at the moment anyway, are being raised up to service and run the ever-changing technology that, while making life easier, is weakening humanity in every way possible.

In the darkened eyes and distorted minds of the elite pigs, we the people have always been little more than beasts of burden; according to these creatures, we the people exist to be used, abused and then discarded. When these vermin look at we the people, they see sheep and cattle. But when I can stand to look upon them, and their sold-out stooges, I see insane, gluttonous pigs devouring everything that exists, while wallowing in the sweat and blood of the masses.

To show just how bad the education system has become, there are college graduates, today, who are not as well informed and well read as high school dropouts in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Believe it or not, there are college graduates who cannot find their home state on a map, or know how their government works (raping and pillaging), and who have no knowledge, whatsoever, of American or world history. The American public has truly been “dumbed down”, over the last fifty years. And we the people have sat idly by as this atrocity has been perpetrated on our children and their children!

Note: IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STATE, NOR DOES THE STATE HAVE ANY RIGHT, ETHICALLY OR MORALLY, TO INDOCTRINATE/BRAINWASH OUR CHILDREN WITH VALUES/PHILOSOPHIES/IDEOLOGIES that may be contrary to those of the parents and community at large! No, you won’t find this in that piece of shit, worthless constitution you sheep all worship. This is truth that should reside in all of us, but it doesn’t, because many of us have been brainwashed to believe “Government Knows Best”. Education is not, nor has it ever been, the great ethical/moral teacher, the great fixer of all the ills in this world. In fact, public education is the cause of many of the ills in this world, today. Public education should have been done away with just shortly after it slithered into existence.

But Americans have always been a lazy and sheep-like people, thus they have allowed the federal/state criminals, over the last century-plus, to take control of not only their children’s education, but their children’s values/philosophies/ideologies; their children’s psyches, souls and lives.

So the damage has already been done, and the elite pigs have, most likely, not only won the battle, but the entire war as well. They have successfully created hundreds of millions of self-absorbed, brain-dead/culturally-dead nincompoops who can be easily distracted and controlled; and by simply blasting bullshit “music” and movies on their Ipads and Iphones, while they study “educational” material that gains them not a god damn thing of value. The reason American students are “less prepared” than students from other countries is due to the fact that American students have been “educated” (indoctrinated/brainwashed) to be “less prepared”. And yet these vermin sucker all of you into continuing to pay even more money, in taxes and “school levies”, so this system can continue to rape you and your children.

If you haven’t read the writing on the wall yet, Mr. and Ms. Merica, it is pretty evident that the U.S. Corporation has served its purpose, and now it is being slowly but surely destroyed by its Zionist-pig creators, owners and operators.


Thus, it would appear that we the people are doomed!