Something’s Brewing: #12

This is one of many forthcoming posts that will hopefully help to awaken all of you to what is really happening in this piece of shit country and the rest of the world. These posts, for the most part, will be devoid of my opinions.

U.S. Set to Spend $95 Million a Day for 10 Years to Update Nuclear Arsenal

Carey Wedler

Activist Post

Last week, millions of Americans were busy ‘flagsturbating’ to the latest American war porn, American Sniper. While they were distracted, the federal government was busy bolstering the war machinery that the film helps to glorify.

According to a new estimate published by the Congressional Budget Office last week, it will cost $348 billion over a decade for the United States to update its nuclear weapons.  Should they do it, they will continue a stranglehold on one of the world’s biggest arsenals.

The report, entitled “Projected Costs of U.S. Nuclear Forces, 2015 to 2024,” says the cost for 2015 to 2024 dropped from the 2014-2023 $355 billion estimate – that makes this year’s a bargain at $7 billion off!

According to the CBO, a designated “non-partisan” federal agency,  the price tag is so high because current nuclear land, sea, and air-based platforms (the “triad”) are nearing the end of their “service lifetimes.” To update them, the Department of Defense would be responsible for $227 billion while the Department of Energy would cover $121 billion. The Center for Arms Control warns that over 30 years, it could cost 70 trillion to maintain the triad.

The undertaking of the projected $348 billion upgrades, should Congress choose to implement them, would amount to almost $35 billion a year. That’s over $95 million dollars a day spent on nuclear weapons alone (generously assuming the yearly cost will not rise with inflation and costs over the decade). (emphasis added)

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Why spend all of this money on nuclear weapons, if they are never going to be used? Think about it!