“Vaccine Apocalypse Now”

The following article deals with the dangers of vaccines. But even more so this article deals with your individual human-rights being trampled on and even revoked by the psychotic elite few and their stooges:

Vaccine Apocalypse Now

Jack Mullen

Activist Post

“Compulsory vaccination which once had the suffrage of the nation has now hardly a serious supporter. We are ashamed to jettison the idea completely and perhaps afraid that if we did the accident of some future epidemic might put us in the wrong. We prefer to let compulsory vaccination die a natural death and are relieved that the general public is not curious enough to demand an inquest. In the meantime our attention is diverted to other and new forms of immunisations” – [A] Charles Cyril Okell, “From a Bacteriological Back-Number,” The Lancet, January 1, 1938 pp 48-49

A Vaccine Apocalypse is in progress Now in America. This is a war, started centuries ago and continues today because Americans have no education in the history of vaccines or the nature of medical tyranny.

There is a war raging against American Citizens, an attack, hidden and packaged in a religion of pretended Authority, presented and sold by an immoral and synthetic, media manufactured, culture of self-sacrifice, guilt, pacifism, denial and learned helplessness.

The phony, plastic, unnatural culture is supported by pseudo-science, monopoly capitalism, false intellectualism and a growing expression of violence against those beginning to see behind the mask of this specious malevolent deception.

Vaccination hysteria and a crescendoing push to validate, normalize and implement vaccinations for growing numbers of disease is one expression of this multi-headed serpent gathering strength via usurpation of an individual’s rights, responsibilities and sovereign authority over their property including their bodies.

A 2012 study led by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the San Rafael, California Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, concluded that whooping cough, pertussis, occurs more among vaccinated children than children not vaccinated for pertussis with the DtaP vaccine that replaced the DTP vaccine.

The entire tainted history of vaccines has been riddled with fraud and deception. Without a working knowledge of the medical tyranny festering in America and the Western World, including the real history of vaccines, Americans cannot defend themselves in this war, which has been raging since the early 1800s.

As a matter of fact, pertussis has been on the rise since pertussis vaccinations have increased. In 2010, a mumps outbreak occurred among 1000 children in upper New Jersey and lower New York. Almost 80% of them had been vaccinated with MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine.

People today, as they were in the 1800s, are fear peddled into opening their bodies to an invasion of foreign chemicals, micro-organisms and in this century even nano technology. Opening their bodies to complete unknowns, trusting corporations with histories fraught with lies while, at the same time, opening their wallets to these companies and their enforcement arms in government just to placate and immunize themselves against further intrusion into their lives.

Doing the research and reading history it can be easily seen vaccines have never worked very well. They have always been associated with promoting and expressing the disease, called shedding, a process whereby the inoculated can and does manufacture the immunizing virus internally while the immune system is shocked and responding to the direct injection of attenuated virus (or in most cases, multiple viral strains, DNA and RNA).

Throughout the 1980s, official agencies reported several outbreaks of measles occurring among children who had been vaccinated in various locations including an Illinois junior high and high school, a Massachusetts high school, a region in France, and a rural area near Helisinki, Finland.

Both USA schools had well over 90% of children vaccinated against measles – that’s the herd immunity mark for a given population. The bogus herd immunity claim serves to create more revenue while blaming parents who refuse vaccinations for endangering humanity.


According to Barbara Loe-Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and defending the legal right for everyone to make vaccine choices.

Live attenuated viral vaccines (LAV) that use live viruses try to, in essence, fool your immune system into believing that you’ve come into contact with a real virus, thereby stimulating the antibody response that, theoretically, will protect you,” she says.

When you get these live viral vaccines, you shed live virus in your body fluids. Just like when you get a viral infection, you shed live virus. That’s how viral infections are transmitted.

Because viruses, unlike bacteria, need a living host… in order to multiply. What these viruses do is they try to disable the immune system and evade immune responses.

The push to force these disease-causing, tainted with numerous co-toxins, vaccines on the American public is declaration of war by those seeking to downsize human populations, end the reign of sovereign states and to discredit and forever render powerless an individual’s right to privacy and controlled access to his or her body… (emphasis added)

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via Activist Post: Vaccine Apocalypse Now.

Get the gist here, Mr and Ms Merica? Vaccines, by design, weaken your immune system, and so not only cause you to become ill with the viruses the vaccines were supposed to prevent but with other viruses as well. And on top of this, there are poisons in these vaccines: mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde, just to name a few. And as this article reveals, vaccinations are up to 90% ineffective. Would you buy a car, if you knew it was going to brake down 90% of the time, and thus be a danger to you and your family? Then why would you allow vaccines, which fail up to 90% of the time, and are filled with poisons, to be injected into your body or your child’s body?

If you take nothing else from this article, please pay close attention to and hold tightly to this:

“The push to force these disease-causing, tainted with numerous co-toxins, vaccines on the American public is DECLARATION OF WAR BY THOSE SEEKING TO DOWNSIZE HUMAN POPULATIONS, end the reign of sovereign states and to discredit and FOREVER RENDER POWERLESS AN INDIVIDUAL’S [HUMAN] RIGHT TO PRIVACY AND CONTROLLED ACCESS TO HIS OR HER BODY…”

This is what this piece of shit government, the AMA, and Big Pharma medications/vaccinations are all about; DEPOPULATING the planet of people not “Well Born”, like you and me!

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