Your Beloved and Sacred Constitution is Worthless!

Here is an article that should be troubling to most of you, and not just because it deals with the IRS: Why the IRS Apology for Asset Seizure is Meaningless Joe Wright Activist Post Despite the IRS apologizing for seizing the bank accounts of small business owners on mere suspicion of wrongdoing, Judge Andrew Napolitano … Continue reading Your Beloved and Sacred Constitution is Worthless!

“An Ominous Wind This Way Blows”

The following article warns of a soon-coming, fully-totalitarian state reigning in this 'land of the free'. So if we the people don't want this dictatorship, then we better start paying close attention to the so-called 'conspiracy theorists' who are trying to awaken and warn us: An Ominous Wind This Way Blows Rory Hall Activist Post … Continue reading “An Ominous Wind This Way Blows”