I implore all of you to read the following post, and pay close attention to all of the info that has been provided! We need to wake up to what is happening in this country and world!

Thanks, Tubularsock!


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Tubularsock has found that most everything has a basic simple explanation. And then layers are placed upon the simple to attempt either to confuse one from understanding what is going on or to attempt to explain the simple in a complex way so as to create the illusion that those who are attempting to carry out the simple idea look like they know what they are doing.

Either way Tubularsock calls it BULLSHIT STACKING. And it is a major policy practice of the American political establishment.


Don’t think so ……. then you are just stupid! Now how simple is that?

Well if you have been following the Regimented-Free-Press (RFP) you’ll know that Lady Gaga just got engaged on Valentines Day. And yes she got a custom designed heart shaped diamond engagement ring. Is there any other kind? How simple.

AND to top that off YOU TOO can dress…

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“Planting Evidence, Lying, Part of the Game:” The Police-State!

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