American Gulag

For all of you folks who believe you live in a country that is just and good, here is something you should read and allow to sink in, deeply. Put yourself in the place of this prison slave, walk in his prison shoes for a moment.

Thanks, Toritto!



A concrete room

seven by twelve

measured by feet placed

one in front of the other

in the straight line

I have walked for decades.


Concrete furniture

permanently arranged

table, chair, bed

I have no right

to move furniture anymore.


Red metal door

with opaque window

just a slot to pass the food

I will always eat


I have no right to

conversation or company.


Cameras watch me dark and light

even on the low water toilet

lest I try to escape to the next world.

Low water lest I

drown myself.


I used to play with myself

while they watched

but not anymore.

It’s no fun

when you can no longer imagine.


My room is sound proof

No window to the outside

There is no outside.

Twenty three hours a day

with nothing to do

save penance.


I hear no one

I see no…

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