The Psychotic Few Who Benefit Most and Pay Nothing/Zero/Zilch: The Elite-Pigs!

Here’s your fucking ‘wounded warrior’, Mr and Ms Merica!

I read a post the other day that has had me pondering, once again, how most Mericans are so easily led around by the elite-pigs’ government and media stooges. And in particular, how the elite owned and operated media not only panders war to the public, 24/7/365, but also gets the public to actually pay for the bills the elite-pigs, and their ‘Veteran’s Administration’, should be paying; like the cost of caring for the so-called ‘wounded warriors” and their families. And the following is what came to mind.

It isn’t a hard concept to grasp: those who benefit most from this system/order, or in any other way, should be those who should bear the brunt of the expenses!

But you hypnotized sheep out there, you Merican, patriotic morons, continue to let those who benefit most from this totally fucked up system/order pay zero, zilch. And these psychotic assholes, these elite-pigs, while mocking your stupid, sheep-like asses, skip merrily along to their offshore bank accounts; where, someday soon, I hope these few vermin, these few plagues on this world, will all eat shit and die!

“Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time!”

This tiny minority of low-life, wealthy and powerful scum benefit from ruling Merica, Europe, Israel and a large portion of the rest of the world. These vermin, these elite-pigs, wage war on most of the world; raping and pillaging those who cannot defend themselves, while raking in trillions of dollars and gaining more and more insane power. But when it comes time to pay the piper, the trillions in bills due, then these elite-pigs simply leave their enormous tab sitting on the table of those who benefit least from this system/order: you and me, the very people they have also been raping and pillaging. Why do they do this, you naively and ignorantly ask? Why does a dog lick his nether regions? BECAUSE HE CAN! Get it?

Let me be more specific, Mr and Ms Merica, just in case you don’t get it. The elite-pigs I’m referring to, here, are those who own and operate your beloved piece of shit government. And your beloved piece of shit government has been home-base for these elite-pigs, for well over a century now. It is where these elite-pigs (Zionist and European varieties) have launched their assault on the peoples of this world, since before world war one. And who has built this elite-pig base of operations and paid for it as well, Mr and Ms Merica? Well I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t the ‘elected’ stooges who were hired to run this piece of shit government, nor was it these elite-pigs who own and operate it. Does that help? Never mind! It is you, and your ancestors, Mr and Ms Merica, who have built this piece of shit home-base and footed the bill. And guess what, you still are footing the bill for it, and dearly so.

Mr and Ms America, it is you, it is your tax dollars, your hard-earned, remaining few bucks, that are paying for this entire empire (system/order home-base) of the wealthy and powerful elite few. And now, after waging war on the world almost continuously for two centuries, the elite pigs also want you to foot the bill for the so-called ‘wounded warriors’ and their families. Yes, Mr and Ms Merica, the elite-pigs, who have bought these simple-minded mercenaries, now expect you to pay for their destroyed minds and bodies, when they come home from torturing and mass-murdering the helpless, disenfranchised peoples of ‘third world’ nations. And the elite-pigs, as they always have, are portraying these genocidal mercenaries as poor, brave heroes, returning home, maimed and ill, in order to squeeze your bank accounts even more than they already have; these pigs want to get back every dime you have ever earned in their piece of shit system/order. And like the sheep you are, you go for it every time.

Comprende, Mr and Ms Merica? These elite-pigs have benefited 100,000,000% from their crimes against humanity, and now, instead of paying most of the gigantic bill they created, they are manipulating you into paying for their atrocities; they expect you, Mr and Ms Merica, to foot the bill for their heinous crimes. Whether you are aware or not, you pay for these elite-pigs’ heinous crimes through your taxes, you pay for their heinous crimes, when you spend money at Walmart and Target, etc, and you pay for their heinous crimes, when you send money to ‘wounded warriors’, ‘cancer cures’, ‘feed the children’ and other bullshit causes, which are nothing more than elite-pig, money-making scams disguised as charities. You want to help people, then get off of your ‘self-actualized’ ass and find people to HELP!

I see it every time I turn on the television, which is less and less all the time: every other commercial is the elite-pigs’ stooges attempting to squeeze the Merican public out of their last few pennies, by playing on their blind, patriotic ignorance. And like Pavlov’s pooch, Mr and Ms Merica, you never fail to meet the elite-pigs’ low expectations for you, by sending in your last few dollars to their bullshit ‘charities’. These vermin know, without any doubt, that they could get you to eat your own shit, if they chose to do so. And sadly, they are probably right.

Jesus Christ, Mr and Ms Merica, when the fuck are you going to wake up! Perhaps you’ll awaken, when you take a good look around and find you and family hanging on meat hooks, like the good, little sheep you are?

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