“How Public Schools Treat Special Needs Students: Handcuffs, ‘Scream Rooms’ And Duct Tape”

It evidently isn’t bad enough that the next catch-phrase savior of Merican education, or ‘Common Core’, is screwing over ‘special needs’ students, now these children also have to suffer the physical and mental abuse of their ‘teachers’ and administrators:

How Public Schools Treat Special Needs Students: Handcuffs, ‘Scream Rooms’ And Duct Tape

Michael Snyder

Activist Post

U.S. public schools have become houses of horror for many special needs students. According to the Virginia Commission on Youth, special needs students account for only 12 percent of all public school students in the United States, but they “represent 75 percent of those physically restrained and 58 percent of those secluded.” At some schools, physical restraints used on special needs children include handcuffs, duct tape and bungee cords. And often the scream rooms that these children are “isolated” in are so horrifying that it scars many of them for life.

One of the key measures for any society is how it treats those that are most vulnerable.  And the way that we are treating our special needs children is sorely lacking.  Hopefully articles like this one will help bring awareness and change.

Yes, there are some education professionals that have a real heart for special needs kids and that do a great job working with them.

Unfortunately, there simply is not enough of them.

A lot of public school officials that end up dealing with special needs children have received little or no specialized training, and the consequences can be absolutely disastrous.

For example, just check out the ordeal that one poor 13-year-old autistic boy endured in Virginia…

An autistic boy has described how his teachers would pin him down, drag him through a hallway and lock him in a concrete ‘scream room’.

Carson Luke still has nightmares about the harrowing experience four years ago at a school for the disabled in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The 13-year-old was sent into the secluded chamber – hidden behind metal doors and separated from the main school building – after an aggressive outburst in 2011.

When he was inside workers turned on a ventilation fan to drown out his screaming.
The ordeal were so haunting the youngster would fly into a panic when the room was talked about.

Can you imagine?

In one instance, officials at the school broke the boy’s hand as they were forcing him inside the “scream room”…

One on occasion, faculty members broke his hand after trapping it in the heavy door as they tried to force him inside. The wound was so deep the bone was exposed and he required surgery.

He told his story as newly-released documents from the Department of Education reveal some teachers use handcuffs, bungee cords and duct tapes to restrain students.

I would never allow my child to go to a school where they would employ such tactics.

But these days most parents have no idea what is going on at school. They just assume that their children are being treated with respect.

At the school that this young boy attended, “seclusion” was used on kids a whopping 559 times during 2011, and physical restraints were used 177 times.

In other cases elsewhere in the nation, special needs children are being openly mocked and ridiculed.

Sometimes even the teachers join in.

Just check out the following example from the state of Illinois…

Stephen Davis, 15, a freshman at Streamwood High School in Illinois, watched in horror as a cartoon-like sketch with buck teeth, hairy ears, bloodshot eyes, tentacles, a scar and a runny nose was labeled as ‘Stephen’s ugly ass’ by a substitute teacher, who did this in front of his entire math class.

Davis, who weighs 330 pounds, recorded the entire incident on his phone, leaving no doubt as to what the teacher did.

All of this is very shocking, but it did not occur in a vacuum. The truth is that these are just more symptoms of the overall moral decay that is eating away at our society like a cancer. We don’t treat special needs children with the kindness, love and respect they deserve because our hearts are growing cold and wicked… (emphasis added)

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via Activist Post: How Public Schools Treat Special Needs Students: Handcuffs, ‘Scream Rooms’ And Duct Tape.

For those of you who suffer from claustrophobia, can you imagine what this child went through? Can you imagine any ‘teacher’ being this insanely cruel? If I were the parent of this child, those responsible for this atrocity would have found themselves in that hellish room for a few hours, just to give them a taste of what it’s like to be trapped in an enclosed space one can’t escape from! And then they would have gotten the shit kicked out of them, if, that is, they hadn’t died of a heart attack, first!

Yes this pisses me off, beyond anything I can describe! This is not how we should treat anyone, not alone children, especially those children who already have enough personal issues to deal with as it is. What happened to this first child, in particular, was torture: it wasn’t correction, nor ‘helping him settle down’, it was fucking torture! And these ‘educators’, every last one of them, should be in prison, right now, for child abuse and endangering. But guess what, just as with the pig storm-troopers, these ‘behaviorism’ loving, psychotic assholes will come out of this cruel crime without a single scratch and smelling like a rose, thanks to their piece of shit school board and teacher’s union.

I was a teacher, and if I had been in the area, and heard this child screaming, these ‘educators’ never would have placed him, nor any other child, in that torture chamber! And I would have had these assholes arrested, or I would have been in jail on assault charges!

As I’ve stated before, this abortion loving country wants to have a fit, when a teacher has sex with a student. But when it comes to issues like this, most screwed up Mericans would say, “Well, if the child is this unruly, then they were right to get him under control, in any way they could! After all, he was disturbing the other students, who are there to learn!”

These are the same Merican assholes who gladly support the war machine, and the incarceration of ‘combatants’, for years on end, and with no legal representation whatsoever, as well as ‘water boarding’ (torture) and the prison/enslaving industry (The United Penal Colonies of Merica). These are the assholes who fly their flags and celebrate ‘the 4th’ every year, and who claim to love Jesus, at least two times a year, Christmas and Easter. These are the assholes who help to make life, for the rest of humanity, a living hell!

The incident with the second child is almost as bad, and involving a substitute ‘teacher’ no less. Again, there would have been a sub flying out the school’s front door, if I had been a witness to his mental assault on this child! And I doubt this asshole was fired either?

Here are two quotes from this article that should not be overlooked, in my estimation:

“One of the key measures for any society is how it treats those that are most vulnerable”

We the people have forgotten how to be empathetic and compassionate: we have forgotten how to put our selves in another person’s shoes, for a moment, we have forgotten how to allow our selves, in our minds and hearts, to contemplate how something, like what these children went through, would effect and affect us! We have become a shallow and heartless, self-absorbed people, and this, beyond anything else, is why we are so screwed up!

“The truth is that these are just more symptoms of the overall moral decay that is eating away at our society like a cancer. We don’t treat special needs children with the kindness, love and respect they deserve because our hearts are growing cold and wicked…”

Here is another example of how Darwinism and eugenics/genetics have helped to dehumanize the Merican people, as well as a large portion of the rest of the world’s peoples, especially Europeans. We the people have ‘grown cold and wicked’, partially because life itself has been devalued by the evil and false notions (bad science) of two insane nerds: Darwin and Galton. Everywhere we look, if our eyes are open, is the evidence of a decaying society/nation. And the demise of this society/nation has been accelerated by these two vicious, racist and genocide-producing lies: ‘evolution’ and ‘eugenics/genetics’!