The “SS” is Back: #11

Here is your ‘protect and serve’ storm-troopers, Mr and Ms Merica, in all their psychotic glory:

Watch This Cop Try to Destroy Video Evidence of Police Brutality

Joshua Krause

Activist Post

Last year, students from the University of Massachusetts were celebrating their annual pre-St. Patrick’s Day holiday known as “Blarney Blowout.” As you might expect, when thousands of kids gather to get drunk before spring break and St. Patrick’s Day, they can get pretty rowdy. What most people didn’t expect at the time, was that the police would respond with a cadre of riot cops to disperse the crowd.

A total of 73 people were arrested for disorderly conduct, violating liquor laws, and inciting a riot. However, there was one student among them who didn’t appear to be doing any of those things. His “crime” was merely filming the police arrest one of the revelers. For this, he was knocked down, pepper sprayed, and arrested, which led to his suspension from the university.

What’s most chilling, is the fact that one of police officers attempted to destroy the evidence of the encounter, by stomping on his cell phone. Fortunately, the cell phone was protected by a shock resistant case, and the video managed to survive. (emphasis added)

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via Activist Post: Watch This Cop Try to Destroy Video Evidence of Police Brutality.

Gestapo tactics!

Although I can’t stand the NRA, or its supporters, I must admit that it might be time for we the people to arm ourselves, and heavily. And not because we’re afraid of ‘crimes’ and ‘criminals’, but because we can no longer trust the storm-troopers the elite-pigs have hired to harass, beat, torture and murder us and our families!