‘The War on Drugs’ is a Farce!

Behold, Mr and Ms Merica, your so-called 'Drug Enforcement Agency' ('The DEA') and the 'War on Drugs' in action: DEA Agents Had Sex Parties with Prostitutes Funded by Drug Cartel Money Carey Wedler Activist Post A new Inspector General’s report on sexual harassment reveals that DEA agents engaged in sex parties with prostitutes hired with … Continue reading ‘The War on Drugs’ is a Farce!

Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

For those tired of the Merican economic-system, and its manipulations/mind-control and lying, cheating crooks, here is a video you should check out. In particular, I would encourage young people to really consider what this video is suggesting: Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy By James Corbett If the root of our economic problem is the tendency toward … Continue reading Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

Something’s Brewing: #19

This is one of many forthcoming posts that will hopefully help to awaken all of you to what is really happening in this piece of shit country and the rest of the world. These posts, for the most part, will be devoid of my opinions. Military Helicopters Descend Over Central Texas for Mass Civil Unrest … Continue reading Something’s Brewing: #19

The Confused State of the Darwinian Faithful!

The following article's author, sincere and caring as she may be, is just another example of the confused, superstitious state of those whose prophet is Darwin and whose savior/god is natural-selection (mixed with a multitude of other gods and esoteric wanderings): Stop the Torturous Experimentation on Baby Monkeys “All that is necessary for evil to … Continue reading The Confused State of the Darwinian Faithful!

Arms to the Sadists

Here is your government, Mr and Ms Merica, the one you ask your god to bless, in all of it disgusting glory. If your god does exist, why the hell isn’t he sending down fire and brimstone on Obama and his Zionist/Nazi bosses at the moment? Or is your god too busy blessing your Zionist brethren in Tel Aviv, as they commit atrocity after atrocity against the Palestinian people?

Read the following article, Mr and Ms Merica, and see if you can muster up enough of what’s left of your humanity to be appalled and sickened by it. And then, if you are able to get back in touch with your humanity, pick your complacent and compliant ass up and start figuring out, along with us, how to put an end to this extreme evil!

News for the Revolution

US Congress urges President Obama to provide Ukraine with More Torture Techniques

By Andre Fomine
March 29, 2015
Dissident Vocie

On Monday, March 23, the US House of Representatives adopted H. Res. 162 urging President Obama “to provide Ukraine with military assistance” in a dire attempt to reignite conflict in the East of Ukraine, mainly frozen as a result of the February 2015 Minsk agreements between Kiev and the outbreak Donetsk and Lugansk provinces with French, German and Russian mediation. The general presumptions of the resolution are as evident as false: it contains routine mantras about “Russian aggression”, “Crimea occupation”,  “violent separatist proxies” and “insurrection that has resulted in over 6,000 dead, 15,000 wounded, and more than a million displaced persons”, as if the insurgents are using heavy artillery against their own cities and killing their own children (to say nothing about the fact that “displaced persons” are predominantly running…

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The Perpetual Cycle of Society – Alan Watts

If you want a definition of true child abuse, then here it is: Alan Watts talks about how our society conditions children to live with a constant frustration and worry about the future, and never learn how to live in the present. The Perpetual Cycle of Society - Alan Watts - Zen Gardner. This is … Continue reading The Perpetual Cycle of Society – Alan Watts