A Major Step in the Right Direction!

‘Big Brother’ has taken to the air, in order to spy on we the people!

The following article reveals how one gutsy California city is standing up to the tyranny of this piece of shit government:

Berkeley Bans Police Drones, Taking Other Steps to Demilitarize Cops

Josh Paniagua

Activist Post

On Tuesday morning, I woke up to news of a Berkeley City Council meeting that would pass or reject a 2-year moratorium on the use of drones by the city happening later in the afternoon. By the evening, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that City Council had indeed passed a one-year ban on police drones and referred recommendations on remodeling community-police relations to the city manager.

During the 1-year suspension, City Council has pledged to work toward developing appropriate policies regarding city use of unmanned aircraft. While this may come as good news to some, vice chair of Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission Robert Meola was a bit disappointed.

The commission had originally proposed a complete 2-year ban on all use of drones by the city in 2012, but rather got a one-year ban with exceptions; these exceptions being use of drones by the fire department and police in case of an emergency response situation. Surely, one could see why Meola feels that they “might as well have done nothing” about the drones. The idea behind the moratorium was to stop it completely until clear policies could be made in regards to their use, making the ban with exceptions virtually pointless.

Like Meola, councilmember Jesse Arreguin has vocalized his distaste for drones and has claimed that he is completely against their use due to privacy invasion. Nonetheless, a disappointed Arreguin voted in favor of the moratorium, stating that a “one-year moratorium is better than nothing.”

But, as stated earlier, the drone ban wasn’t the only thing passed along in Tuesday’s City Council meeting. A list of suggested action items regarding community-police relations to the City Manager to be further reviewed. These suggested amendments were originally assembled at previous council work sessions as a result of a public backlash after police violently responded to protesters in December.

The suggested amendments address quality of performance by the Drug Task Force and aim to demilitarize police tactics against the public.

Now, Berkeley residents are playing the waiting game, as it is now up to the City Manager to decide whether or not to move the items according to Arreguin. (emphasis added)

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via Activist Post: Berkeley Bans Police Drones, Taking Other Steps to Demilitarize Cops.

Every village, town and city in this country should follow suit with Berkeley, California, and begin the process of keeping this government’s gestapo dogs at bay. If this kind of action would happen all across the country, then this piece of shit government would have little choice left but to back off of its current tyrannical approach or declare all-out war on we the people. Either way, we the people would know, for certain, what this piece of shit government was up to, since either way, it reveals a government that has turned on the very people it claims to represent!


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  1. Umm, this is really good news and I hope all states follow suit. But I am shocked at the fact that drones are even considered for use against citizens. Anyone, in fact. It’s total insanity.


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