The Ugly, Historical Truth!

I just posted this video in another piece. But I believe this video is so important for all of us to watch, that I am posting it again, here. I will be writing for the next several days, but I am going to leave this video up, during this time, for everyone to bookmark and watch.

In fact I am begging all of you to watch this video. Yes, it is over three hours long. But do as I have done, and watch in twenty or thirty minute segments. Take several days to watch the entirety of this video, but watch it! Please!

And then share this video, this withheld history and knowledge, with your friends, neighbors and coworkers. But, in particular, share this withheld history and knowledge with your children, who are just beginning their lives, and who are facing this great evil that we have yet to do anything about. As we should know by now, our children will never hear this truth in the public school and university classroom, so here is, perhaps, our only chance to give them this historical truth and knowledge.

Take note, towards the end of this video, at the number of involved people who were murdered within a very short period of time. Now, have you been reading about the recent number of bankers who have ‘committed suicide’ or been murdered over the last year? These were all men who knew what really happened in 2007, when the worldwide economy was almost destroyed by speculating, greed-driven bankers.

Coincidence, or history repeating itself?

Also note that there was a reason for ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ in the military. Because, if this truth had come out, many years ago, there would have been a large number of high ranking military officials and political stooges who would have been ‘outed’!