‘Private Mercenary Police’

It isn’t bad enough that we the people have to contend with low-life, moron storm-troopers, who make their living as paid harassers, torturers and assassins, now we also have to contend with paid mercenaries making our lives a living hell:

More Private Mercenary Police Begin Enforcing Law on the Public

Eric Blair

Activist Post

The militarized Police State has been inching toward using private mercenary groups for law enforcement for some time. Most attempts have failed spectacularly when the public gets wind of it. However, a clever new strategy to achieve this goal was recently deployed and it may appeal to some.

This past September, I wrote an article “Blackwater-like contractor seeks to legalize private police in the U.S.” which exposed how “private security” firms were being subcontracted for police raids. Outrage ensued. This followed a bungled attempt in 2009 to introduce the private foreign-owned American Police Force to Harding, Montana.

It seems the public has an aversion to large paramilitary contractors sweeping in and claiming police powers. Enter the small, independent, rugged, righteous citizen on patrol. A vigilante of peace. Ah, yes, this is the angle the establishment is now using to get private police accepted on the streets.

The Washington Post ran a carefully crafted article yesterday; “Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling”:

The stop was routine police work, except for one fact: Youlen is not a Manassas officer. The citation came courtesy of the private force he created that, until recently, he called the “Manassas Junction Police Department.”

He is its chief and sole officer.

He is a force of one.

And he is not alone. Like more and more Virginians, Youlen gained his police powers using a little-known provision of state law that allows private citizens to petition the courts for the authority to carry a gun, display a badge and make arrests. The number of “special conservators of the peace” — or SCOPs, as they are known — has doubled in Virginia over the past decade to roughly 750, according to state records.

The very next sentence is where the deception occurs:

The growth is mirrored nationally in the ranks of private police, who increasingly patrol corporate campuses, neighborhoods and museums as the demand for private security has increased and police services have been cut in some places.

Do you see what they did there? Very subtle. The Washington Post conflated “private police” for law enforcement with private security for private property. Big difference. It’s the same confusion shared by TPM and TIME… (emphasis added)

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via Activist Post: More Private Mercenary Police Begin Enforcing Law on the Public.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

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Get the point? If we sit still, while remaining silent, then the powers that be will do with us as they please. Ignoring what is happening, and hoping it will go away, is not going to work anymore. This isn’t a Friday night horror flick, Mr and Ms Merica, where all you have to do is turn off the set or change the channel. This is real life, boys and girls, and its happening to you and the rest of us as well.

It is this kind of head-in-the-sand willful-ignorance and laid-back cowardice, over the last century, that has we the people in this mess. And now it is time to wake up and take action, Mr and Ms Merica! Going to church, or following your latest guru, and all of his esoteric bullshit, ain’t going to get it done this time. “The party’s over,” and the evil piper is here to collect!