Israeli Apartheid Week

(Zen This video is an example of the Zionist, Nazi-like filth who control your government, Mr and Ms Merica. And these vicious assholes are not Semitic, as they claim, they are Central Europeans (Khazarians). Imagine that, another European, psychotic/genocidal culture that wants to rule the world! Who would have ever guessed? Mr and Ms … Continue reading Israeli Apartheid Week

“You Don’t Need Religion…!”

I agree, completely... almost! But how did humanity come to experience and retain empathy and compassion? Did our chimp-like ancestors suddenly 'evolve' these attributes? Were all of our advanced-primate ancestors devoid of empathy and compassion, 'in the beginning', and then, after many eons of beating and murdering each other, did one of them finally say, … Continue reading “You Don’t Need Religion…!”