Israeli Apartheid Week


This video is an example of the Zionist, Nazi-like filth who control your government, Mr and Ms Merica. And these vicious assholes are not Semitic, as they claim, they are Central Europeans (Khazarians). Imagine that, another European, psychotic/genocidal culture that wants to rule the world! Who would have ever guessed?

Mr and Ms Merica, can you say, “Zionists are fascist scumbags?”

The Jewish people believe these Israeli Zionists are scumbags, too, as this article points out:

Why Israeli Propaganda Endangers Jews across the Globe

Feb. 25, 2015

Across the globe, the media is reporting an alarming increase in anti-Semitism. Governments and individuals are researching and strategizing over these reports.

What is the truth? What are the causes of modern-day anti-Semitism – whether in the Holy Land, in European countries, or elsewhere? Unquestionably, the actions and policies of Zionist leaders are endangering all Jews across the globe.

The world at large does not easily distinguish between Jews and Zionism. Rather, as a result of Israeli propaganda, most people associate all Jews with Zionism. Therefore, recent radical pro-Zionist trends in Israel are jeopardizing all Jews, no matter where they live, no matter that they are not affiliated with Israel or Zionism.

For centuries, Jews have lived peacefully in Palestine alongside their neighbors. Rabbi Dov Cohen, who studied in the Hebron Yeshiva in the 1920s, writes in his memoirs:

“A strong friendship existed among all residents of the city… We used to attend Arab weddings… We were welcome guests at all their happy events… The Arabs, and even their sheikhs, used to attend Jewish weddings as a sign of friendship… The Yeshiva students, used to go down sometimes to the village to buy products, sometimes even after midnight. In those days we walked around freely, without security patrol and without any weapons in all the Arab villages. No one had any fear…

Every month on Erev Rosh Chodesh, the yeshiva would go pray at the Cave of Machpelah. We were welcomed there… It was well-known that when the yeshiva considered moving to a different location, the local Arab leaders stood up to prevent it.”

Tragically, Zionism in general and radical militant actions in particular, have transformed the peaceful atmosphere in the land to one of tension and instability… (emphasis added)

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via Why Israeli Propaganda Endangers Jews across the Globe | True Torah Jews.

So make sure you know who your real enemies are, Mr and Ms Merica, before you condemn and attack, and they are not the Jewish people, or the “Lesser Brethren”, as the Zionist refers to them. Your real enemies are the Zionists and their Christian supporters, here in Merica and elsewhere!