“Israeli Women Wage Peace”

The following article makes the point that I have made before, and that is, Jews are not the enemy of this world, Zionism is the enemy! While Netanyahu continues his war-mongering, bigoted and hateful ways, Israeli women are standing against his Zionist tyranny, his Zionist evil, and waging peace in the middle-east: Israeli Women Wage … Continue reading “Israeli Women Wage Peace”

‘Another huge nail in the coffin of psychiatry’

Before you go to your 'analyst' again, and get mentally, emotionally and financially molested, you might want to check out the following article: Another huge nail in the coffin of psychiatry by Jon Rappoport February 19, 2015 NoMoreFakeNews.com As my readers know, I’ve assembled a wide-ranging case against psychiatry. Psychiatry isn’t a science. It isn’t … Continue reading ‘Another huge nail in the coffin of psychiatry’

Medical Dictatorship!

For those of you still uninformed and naive enough to believe this country is a 'representative democracy', I would advise having someone slap you in the face, several times, or even better yet, consider receiving 'shock treatments' for a while. It's time to wake up, naive and ignorant, little boys and girls, Superman and Batman … Continue reading Medical Dictatorship!