Preying on the Poor — Now That’s Class

The following article/videos reveals a government/system-order that does not represent we the people, but instead uses and abuses the very people who pay, with their hard earned money and lives, to keep it up and running.

It is time to put an end to this tyranny, once and for all time! It is time for we the people to stand up, collectively, and scream, “NO MORE!”

And then we need to set up this world the way we want it, and rid ourselves of this evil, inbred minority, which has been raping and pillaging us and our ancestors for ages now! It’s time to rid ourselves of this curse and those who perpetrate it on us!

Take Heart!

“The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all your time.” –Willem de Kooning

And when you are poor, you’re also more likely to do time. Welcome back to the good old days — Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo would feel right at home. Debtors prisons and cheap forced labor. How soon will they start to hang us for poaching rabbits and picking pockets once again? But no, once we’re dead, the cash flow dries up. So for the most part, they will keep us alive, barely. Unless and until we become expensive or inconvenient in any way. Then … losses must be cut. Human needs and human misery have no place in this equation. And this is what we’re calling justice. But then, we also call perpetual worldwide warmaking and warmongering keeping the peace.


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