6-Year-Old Suspended and “Reeducated” After Pointing Finger Like Gun

Here is your public-education system at work, Mr and Ms Merica:

6-Year-Old Suspended and “Reeducated” After Pointing Finger Like Gun

Amanda Warren

Activist Post

Yet another in a series of crazy “guns that never were” in the school system, where a child must bear harsh punishment.

KRDO News of Colorodo reports:

A Colorado Springs first-grader was suspended from school after pointing his fingers at a classmate in the shape of a gun.

Six-year-old Elijah goes to Stratton Meadows Elementary School. On Monday, he pointed at a classmate in the shape of a gun and said, “You’re dead.”

He received a one-day suspension for “threats against peers.”

But on top of the strict “zero tolerance” measures that landed him at home for a day of shame-based punishment, the boy had to undergo a “reeducation” program of sorts

Elijah received a lecture from an administrator. Incredibly, it was about “not confusing ‘make-believe’ or things in games with reality.” ??? But any further details are being shielded from the public due to privacy concerns for the student’s personal record – yes, there’s a thicker record now stemming from this event.

The reaction to the event compelled the parents to further press upon the child the severity of his actions.


While searching for a picture of “pointing a finger” it became apparent that just about every celebrity, leader and influencer of children points the finger. Furthermore, most of history’s artwork is full of such terroristic gestures.

Unfortunately, children are never allowed an outlet even though they are stirred up through fear, shame, repression, crap foods and prescription drugs. Such a mixture is an invitation to act up – and sadly, get just as quickly smacked down. Such extreme tactics haven’t been seen since the 1800’s with a freshly Prussian form of public schooling and a batch of repressed, power hungry minions. (emphasis added)

The article and attached video can be found here:

via Activist Post: 6-Year-Old Suspended and “Reeducated” After Pointing Finger Like Gun.

One of the success stories of Merican public-education!

‘Reeducated’? ‘Reprogrammed’ is more like it! How can this child be ‘reeducated’, when he has yet to be educated? And this child never will be educated, if this elite-swine system of ‘education’ has anything to say about it.

This is more of the absolute insanity that the elite-swine have perpetrated on we the people, in order to keep us in a retrograde-inverted state of mind and being, so that we can be led around anywhere these creatures choose to take us.

For decades, now, there has been a concerted effort by this elite-swine owned and operated government to keep every last one of we the people in a state of constant fear and panic, a constant paranoid state. In particular, starting with ‘9-11’, a false-flag/black-op committed by this government, with the aid of the Zionist Mossad, we the people have been bombarded with one horror story after another, and with all having been concocted for one purpose only: to make we the people believe, without any doubt, there are ‘terrorists’, in the middle east and elsewhere, waiting to destroy us and our families. And this fabricated scenario, this bald-faced lie, has become the government’s excuse (‘rationale’) for waging constant war on third-world, disenfranchised peoples, as well as keeping we the people in a state of mind, where we can be more easily manipulated and controlled.

And add to this a propagandizing media, owned and operated by six elite-swine corporations, along with a ‘dumbing down’ public-education system, and there should be little doubt that we the people are being conditioned/programmed, indoctrinated/brainwashed to believe and react as our elite-swine slave-masters desire.

According to my parents, when I was in first-grade, I took a water pistol to school. And during class, I was shooting the other kids sitting around me. When the teacher saw me doing this, she gave me a verbal reprimand and confiscated the ‘weapon’. But I guess I was a stubborn sort, as I still am, and at recess, I sneaked back into my classroom and took back my water pistol. After all, it was mine! So when we all came back in from recess, the teacher realized my ‘weapon’ was missing and came to me, demanding that I GIVE IT TO HER. Yes, you’re correct! According to my parents, I gave it to her all right, right in the face!

I was sent to the office and paddled, and my mother was called to fetch my five year old ‘terrorist’ ass. I got my ass beat at home, too, according to the tale. But I honestly have no recollection of this ‘damning’ event in my life.

FYI: at this time, a parent could paddle their child without going to prison.

Now, what’s the point of this, you ask? I wonder what would happen to a child, today, if he or she committed this kind of ‘heinous’ act? If the child in this article had to be ‘reeducated’ and sent home, for merely pointing his finger like a gun, then what would happen to a water-pistol toting five year old, today, especially one shooting the other students and his or her teacher? Perhaps they would be sent to prison, or be beaten and labeled ‘registered water-pistol offenders’ for the rest of their lives?

It’s insanity. This government and its despotic tentacles are completely out of control and stark-raving mad! Don’t believe me, then just ask the rest of the world’s peoples what they think. A crazy person seldom questions his or her own sanity or lack thereof!

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