“Mainstream Media Discovers What Created ISIS – Global Warming!”

Boys and girls, can you say Talking-Head LIARS? Read on:

Mainstream Media Discovers What Created ISIS – Global Warming!

Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post

After five years of intense fighting and destabilization raging across Syria, Western mainstream press has finally discovered the true cause of the so-called “civil war.” It turns out that all of the analysts in the alternative media suggesting that the situation in Syria was the result of a NATO destabilization campaign and foreign-backed invasion of terrorists in the form of al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, and ISIS were wrong. In fact, even those mainstream analysts who have suggested that the foreign invasion was actually a legitimate rebellion were apparently mistaken.

Thankfully, the mainstream press has discovered the true cause of the Syrian crisis – global warming.

No, this is not a joke. Mainstream outlets are actually suggesting that climate change is responsible, albeit indirectly, for the creation of ISIS and the scores of Western-backed terrorists flooding Syria as well as the now international military involvement in the war.

This is merely the latest silly narrative being promoted by the likes of Slate, Wired, The Telegraph, NBC, and The Guardian among many others.

Slate, by no means, is the sole purveyor of such abjectly stupid claims nor are the other media outlets listed above. Still, one need only read the Slate article to see how the “climate change is the real reason for the Syrian war” claim is being presented. Slate writes,

By now, it’s pretty clear that we’re starting to see visible manifestations of climate change beyond far-off melting ice sheets. One of the most terrifying implications is the increasingly real threat of wars sparked in part by global warming. New evidence says that Syria may be one of the first such conflicts.

We know the basic story in Syria by now: From 2006-2010, an unprecedented drought forced the country from a groundwater-intensive breadbasket of the region to a net food importer. Farmers abandoned their homes—school enrollment in some areas plummeted 80 percent—and flooded Syria’s cities, which were already struggling to sustain an influx of more than 1 million refugees from the conflict in neighboring Iraq. The Syrian government largely ignored these warning signs, helping sow discontent that ultimately spawned violent protests. The link from drought to war was prominently featured in a Showtime documentary last year. A preventable drought-triggered humanitarian crisis sparked the 2011 civil war, and eventually, ISIS.

A new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science provides the clearest evidence yet that human-induced global warming made that drought more likely. The study is the first to examine the drought-to-war narrative in quantitative detail in any country, ultimately linking it to climate change.

At this point, given the detailed nature of “climate science,” I will spare the reader a summation of the thoroughly debunked theory of Anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming, at least as it relates to the non-existent and entirely invented theory of CO2 as a poisonous and planet killing gas. I will spare the reader historical data that proves the earth was much hotter in the past, thus indicating that we are well within the norm of climate ups and downs. I will also spare the reader the details regarding the fact that global warming has not taken place in the last eighteen years despite the rigging of science equipment and faulty computer models to prove the opposite, thus calling into question whether the planet is actually still warming at all.

Unfortunately, Slate and its peers spared the readers the same information, leading hordes of hapless trendies to believe that CO2-Global Warming is actually a real issue and that it somehow is the guiding force behind terrorist cells, beheadings, and jihad. Leaving behind any and all knowledge of history of any form is generally important in order to be able to follow the logic provided by the recent mainstream press narrative about the Syrian war.

For instance, while US and UK media outlets attempt to suggest that global warming is responsible for the lagging Syrian agricultural sector and the fate of Syrian farmers, it conveniently fails to mention the US sanctions on Syria that helped plunge its economy into despair. While environmental factors undoubtedly play a role it is true that environmental factors always play a role in farming and agriculture in any country of the world at any time period. The false threat of CO2 does not change this fact.

Compounding the normal concerns and economic hardships of farmers with international sanctions, however, is not the result of too much CO2, it is the result of a concerted effort to destroy a sovereign and secular government for the purposes world hegemony.

Of course, these media outlets make no mention of the sanctions or the worldwide economic depression and place the blame firmly on the shoulders of Assad who allegedly “largely ignored these warning signs.”

Thus, Slate writes that “A preventable drought-triggered humanitarian crisis sparked the 2011 civil war, and eventually, ISIS.”


Global warming did not create ISIS. A drought did not create ISIS. The United States and NATO created ISIS… (emphasis added)

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via Activist Post: Mainstream Media Discovers What Created ISIS – Global Warming!.

You have got to be kidding me! And, as this writer points out, the nincompoops on the far-left will buy into this bullshit, lock, stock and barrel.

These partakers of this fraud are the far-left wingers who missed out on the hippie movement of the late 1960s (another government ‘psy-op’). These are the nerdy-type folks who tune in, ‘daily’, to a comedy channel to get their news, and from a Zionist-owned and operated, failed-comedian who wouldn’t know comedy if it was kissing him on the lips. These are the folks who sit and read all day but hardly, if ever, get out and actually experience real life. These folks have opinions on every subject, but their opinions belong to the writers they continually read. I doubt these people can actually form an opinion of their own.

These left-wing sheep, like their counterparts on the far-right and middle, play the politics game the elite-swine have set up for them to play, and without any discernment whatsoever. These self-proclaimed geniuses have never accomplished a damn thing in their life, beyond keeping this despotic system of government thriving and being an irritant to people like me, just in case you hadn’t noticed.

This piece of shit government is so cocksure of itself, that it now puts out these kinds of asinine fairy-tales with arrogant impunity. The government is no longer concerned if most Mericans are, or are not, buying into its bald-faced lies, since it has all the evidence it needs to be certain most Mericans are. As I’ve written before, the mass-media talking-heads, owned and operated by the elite-powers, could tell these far-left, far-right, and middle, sheep to eat their own excrement, and within a very short period of time, there would be thousands of democrats/liberals, republicans/conservatives and independents/libertarians walking around with a shit-eating grin, brown-stained teeth and breath that could maim a skunk.

Mindless sheep to the slaughter are most Mericans, today. And the publications referred to in this article are more than aware of this fact. And thus they are using these Merican sheep to advance the tyrannical agenda of their elite-swine bosses; agendas like ruling over Syria and the rest of the world.

It isn’t bad enough that man-created global-warming is a confirmed hoax, now this ‘inconvenient’ fraud is being used as a cover up for the Zionist/U.S. Corporation’s despotism in Syria. And all because most Mericans, on the far-left, in particular, are ignorant and sheep-like enough to be sold on this politically-driven, bad-science scam/lie.


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