The Scum of the Earth: Dick Cheney & Henchmen!

How long before we the people hold vile scum, like this creature, accountable for their crimes against humanity? This creature should be in prison awaiting execution, along with imbecilic George W, instead of pandering more of his torturous/genocidal inclinations to the elite-owned media stooges.

What is the difference between this creature and Hitler’s top echelon ‘thugs’? There is no difference, whatsoever, except this criminal is getting away with his crimes!

And if you support this creature’s insane actions and genocidal politics, then you, too, should be held accountable, as an ‘accessory to his crimes’!

2 thoughts on “The Scum of the Earth: Dick Cheney & Henchmen!

  1. Now Sojourn II, Dick IS just doing his job. Even Scum of the earth have to work in the capitalistic system. We each have to meet our assigned market share. It’s the ‘merican-way.

    With Dick and ol’ John McCain on TV gives one another two reasons not to watch.


  2. I’m sorry, Tubular, I forgot! Thanks for pointing this out to me! I’m so ashamed!

    Dick and John, what a couple! DICK, that’s a good name for him!

    Thanks, Tubular!

    P.S. I like Tubular better than Tube, and writing Tubularsock each time taxes what few synapses I have left, with the traveling tumor and all!


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