“Vaccine Fascism”

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For those of you who still believe your health, and the health of your children, is the driving force behind the AMA, its ‘physicians’, Big Pharma and medical research, here is an eye-opening article that might just awaken you to the awful truth:

Western Medicine Under Fire: The Death of Informed Consent

Jefferey Jaxen

Activist Post

A monumental ethical issue is hovering over the entire medical establishment in the United States that threatens its integrity and trust. The human element is being removed from the equation, replaced by computers to give us our options, and legislation to remove our choice. Somewhere in the shuffle, the individual’s informed consent was broken down, lost in the paperwork, and made irrelevant.

Informed consent is the process by which the treating health care provider discloses appropriate information to their patient so that the patient may make a voluntary choice to accept or refuse treatment. It originates from the legal and ethical right that the patient has to direct what happens to their body, and from the ethical duty of the physician to involve the patient in their health care. Concerning the current hot button area of vaccination in the United States, the patient is not given proper informed consent of side effects or the actual vaccine inserts to look at prior to injection. If they did receive the insert, they would quickly see the repeated words “there have been no controlled trials” and “safety and effectiveness have not been established.”

It is no stretch of the imagination to conclude that the public is the final phase of vaccine trials and you are an uninformed participant. This practice immediately breaks most of the Nuremberg Principles/Code prohibiting medical research when there is even a remote possibility of injury, disability, or death. To date the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over 3 billion and counting for injury, disability, and death. This concept of you as the uninformed research subject also applies to genetically modified food, electromagnetic fields (EMF), and many pharmaceutical drugs. Only after adverse health effects are reported and lawsuits begin to pile up do corporations adjust their practices and products accordingly to protect their bottom line.

A key component of informed consent to participate in medical research is the understanding that research is not the same as treatment. When you receive a vaccine, do you believe to be aiding a pharmaceutical company’s product research or getting a therapeutic medical treatment? When research participants do not understand the difference between research and treatment, there exists a therapeutic misconception which undermines the informed consent process. Put another way, this therapeutic misconception exists when the participant does not understand that the defining purpose of the research they are a part of is to produce a body of general knowledge.

In 1986, then President Ronald Reagan passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act giving legal (and moral) immunity to pharmaceutical companies for any damages caused by their products. No matter what a public relations campaign aimed at you says, in the United States, the legal order of importance goes vaccine manufacturer’s rights, acquiring general research knowledge, and then finally, your health. It is clear that open source health information and solutions are key in the fight against government medical overreach and the profits-over-people paradigm currently on its way out. (emphasis added)

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via Activist Post: Western Medicine Under Fire: The Death of Informed Consent.

Once again, the following is part of what you would read on vaccine leaflets, if your ‘doctor’ allowed you to read them, before injecting you like you’re not much more than a lab rat:

“there have been no controlled trials” and “safety and effectiveness have not been established.”

Why haven’t there been ‘controlled trials’ on these so-called ‘preventive medications’, which they plan on coercing us into being injected with? And why would they force ‘preventive medications’ on us, when their ‘effectiveness’ has not been ‘established’? Why is this, Mr and Ms Merica? Come on, you who know I, and others like me, are just ‘conspiracy theorists’, why is this? Would you try to force a medication on someone, if you knew the medication had not been scientifically tested and proven to be safe and ‘effective’? Then why would you trust your ‘doctor’, when he’s trying to force these untested, ineffective and injurious vaccines on you and your children?

This entire vaccine issue goes far beyond health concerns, this issue is about our basic INDIVIDUAL rights, as human beings, being withheld or even done away with. And in many cases, this withholding, or denying us, of our basic, individual rights is being perpetrated with our own uninformed consent; if we agree to be vaccinated, without being informed of the health hazards, first, then we have quite literally given our consent to be treated as lab rats, we have, in reality, given up our basic individual right to not be harmed or killed.

There are basic/fundamental, human/individual rights that have nothing to do with governments and their worthless political/legal ‘rights’. And these particular rights are known by every human being, because they are innate. And among these basic human/individual rights are the right to life, and a right to protect and/or defend our lives against those who would seek to harm or kill us, whether in an overt or covert manner.

What this vaccine issue is truly about, then, is this: our basic human rights, as individuals, are being threatened or outright denied us. So-called ‘preventive medicine’, like vaccines and chemotherapy, are, in many cases, being forced on we the people, by the powers that be; the government, the AMA, Big Pharma, and the elite-swine who own and operate them, are denying we the people our basic, human rights as individuals.

If you still believe vaccines are safe, and this article is just another ‘conspiracy theory’, then how do you explain this:

“To date the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over 3 billion and counting for injury, disability, and death.”

3 BILLION DOLLARS paid out to those of us who have either been injured, disabled or killed by vaccines. I have spent the last fifteen months of my life suffering illness, with one infection after another. And you know why, Mr and Ms Merica? Because my FORMER ‘doctor’, my FORMER QUACK, in one literal five-minute ‘check-up’, forced two vaccines on me, against my will and consent. I hadn’t taken a flu vaccine for twenty years, up to this time, and I had never suffered from the flu, or any other major infection, during those twenty years. And after one visit with this Nazi-like quack, fifteen months ago, and two injections later, I have been sick ever since, either with the flu, or other infections in the sinuses and bronchial tubes. And I am a 65 year old asthmatic, which has made this past year-plus a living hell for me.

And to add to all of this, I just recently found out, through another doctor, that there should have been several weeks or even months in between receiving these two vaccines (poisons): ‘flu’ and ‘pneumonia’. I will never be injected with them again, no matter what! Fuck the ‘law’!

This is why I am writing these particular posts. I don’t want children and the elderly, nor any of the rest of you, suffering this way. And I also want to awaken you to the fact that your basic human/individual rights are being threatened!

It’s time to wake up and face the sad and horrible truth, Mr and Ms Merica, the government, the AMA, Big Pharma and many ‘physicians’, today, care about one thing, and one thing only, their ‘bottom line’. And so getting you to relinquish your right to informed consent, getting you to relinquish your right to protect your health and life, is of utmost importance to them.

Here is more for you to digest, and this backs up this article and what I have written here and elsewhere:

Please note, in this video, the quote on the dangers of a ‘despotic’ medical complex being realized someday, by one of the writers of the constitution (1787).

Behind all of this forced, and soon to be enforced, ‘preventive medicine’/vaccines, there may be even a more sinister agenda lurking, like depopulating the earth of folks like you and me, who don’t quite meet the standards for life that have been set in stone by the elite-swine minority.

By continually giving into this despotism, we the people, in the long run, may not only be giving up our basic, human/individual rights, we may also be signing our own death warrants?

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  1. Vaccines were one of the main focuses of the documentary I mentioned in my previous comment. It documents how often vaccines have been used to deliberately infect people with diseases. It’s crazy when you think this is real life, it’s seems like it’s straight out of a James Bond plot or something


  2. Exactly! I keep telling one of my closest friends, Everything is insane! It’s Insanity! It’s like waking up in a nightmare that never ends.

    All we can do is try to get the word out there and hope a few or more read and comprehend what is really happening.

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