The “SS” is Back: #12

‘To Protect and Serve’ My ass!

Well here they are again, Mr and Ms Merica, your ‘heroes’ in blue, your ‘defenders from crime and criminals’, doing what they do best: harassing, detaining, arresting, beating, strangling, maiming and murdering any black citizen, or person, of any color, suffering from mental illness, and let’s not forget about our pets we love so much.

And you know why these mindless, violent androids do this, Mr and Ms Merica, beyond being paid, that is? Because they can, and get away with it completely. And you know why these low-life, imbecilic psychotics can get away with their heinous actions, their crimes against humanity, Mr and Ms Merica? Because they will always be supported and protected by their higher-ups in blue, the elite-owned media talking-heads and government officials, and frightened, ignorant sheep like you!

Read and enjoy, all you storm-trooper loving Mericans out there:

Naked? Acting Weird? On Site Execution from Cops

Amanda Warren

Activist Post

A brilliant eugenics plan is underwaypaid thugs simply blast away people to see what it’s like. Not just anyone though – people who are unarmed and distressed.

All law enforcement needs is those who are more deranged than the victims they encounter. Those lacking a conscience and will say they are “scared” and fear for their lives when really there is nothing for them to fear when they can indiscriminately shoot-to-kill, hide behind badges and receive unmerited advancement.

The media is only too happy to report it to you in order to train you into submission. There is also the bonus of creating racial tension and deflecting from the root problem.

Such is the case when an Atlanta-area police officer killed a 27-year-old naked, unarmed African-American man.

Raw Story reported:

An officer with the Dekalb County police responded to a caller who said a man was “acting deranged, knocking on doors, and crawling around on the ground naked,” around 1 p.m. local time, county police chief Cedric Alexander told reporters.

The officer, who was white, encountered the man in the parking lot of the complex without any clothes on, Alexander said according to a recording of the conference published online by local broadcaster Fox5. The man ran at the officer, who backed up and ordered the person to stop before shooting him twice, Alexander said.

Yes, the officer had a Taser and Alexander mumbled the predictable statement about more training for mental health detection – yet, never before have we seen such a blatant rash of killings on the behalf of law enforcement. The real mental health detection should take place before hiring. They kill more Americans than insurgents do in occupied countries, making them officially a bigger threat than terrorism.

Last year, officers of all backgrounds killed over 1,000 Americans of all backgrounds and genders. It really does average three Americans a day. This year, police have already killed a conservative estimate of over 200 Americans. We are not allowed to know the crucial numbers of our countrymen that are killed by the very people whose wages we pay in order to enforce codes and collect revenue – in order for them to keep policing and killing. What kind of sense does that make?

Of course, one does not need to act erratically to be shot from a safe distance. Actually, proof that officers really don’t “fear” for their lives – is the way they treat naked people inside their own homes when friends report them anonymously. Like the naked bathing man grabbed and pulled by his testicles, beaten and flashbanged – all for his safety and “wellbeing” (and the officers’). Thanks, boys!

Unfortunately, for the person so traumatically manhandled, the nightmare only begins there as he must defend himself in court against their actions. In other words, because he wasn’t killed on the spot, his life becomes a waking nightmare.

How much more of this blatant murder does America want? As long as we keep simply regurgitating it and apathetically reading about it in the news, nothing will change. (emphasis added)

via Activist Post: Naked? Acting Weird? On Site Execution from Cops.

Here is a tough question for all of you ‘exceptional’, church-goin’ and god-fearin’ Mericans out there:

How much more of this blatant murder does America want?

Evidently you want more, don’t you, Mr and Ms Merica? Yes sir, watching all the storm-trooper and self-righteous shyster programs (insults to intelligence), on your boob-tubes, isn’t enough for you, is it, Mr and Ms Merica? Oh no, you want the real stuff, on top of all the phony-ass Hollywood bullshit, don’t you, Mr and Ms Merica? There just ain’t enough blood and guts in this sick, violent world to satiate your bloodlust anymore, is there, Mr and Ms Merica? And waging war on poor, disenfranchised peoples, in third-world nations, just ain’t good enough anymore, is it, Mr and Ms Merica? And besides, you know these ‘weirdos’, ‘criminals’ and ‘towel-heads’ have it coming to them, don’t you, Mr and Ms Merica? You won’t lose any sleep tonight, or any other night, for that matter, will you, Mr and Ms Merica? Nope, not you! You be special and shit!

That’s enough, before I vomit or put my fist through the monitor!

God screw the U.S. Corporation, and hard!

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  1. I know. It is beyond me to understand how people can be so disengaged or self righteous!

    It is the complacent and compliant nature of Mericans that have us all in the mess we are in today!

    Like I’ve said before, the only thing we can do, is to try and get the word out there until it smacks them back into reality! I hope!


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