Sleepwalking Into World War Three? Why The Independent Media Is Vital

If you listen to the state owned and operated media and believe every lie they pander to you about Putin and Russia, as well as everything else, then you might just be signing your own death warrant. And the following article reveals why:

Thanks, News for the Revolution!

News for the Revolution

By Colin Todhunter
March 15, 2015.
Global Research

NATO countries are to all intents and purposes at war with Russia. The US knows it and Russia knows it too. Unfortunately, most of those living in NATO countries remain blissfully ignorant of this fact.

The US initiated economic sanctions on Russia, has attacked its currency and has manipulated oil prices to devastate the Russian economy. It was behind the coup in Ukraine and is now escalating tensions by placing troops in Europe and supporting a bunch of neo-fascists that it brought to power. Yet the bought and paid for corporate media in the West keeps the majority of the Western public in ignorance by depicting Russia as the aggressor.

If the current situation continues, the outcome could be a devastating nuclear conflict. Washington poured five billion dollars into Ukraine with the aim of eventually instigating a coup on Russia’s doorstep. Washington and NATO are supporting…

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UN torture investigator barred from US prisons

If you find the following quote appalling, then read the entire article.

“Méndez has further condemned the United States for being the only country that allows children to be imprisoned for life without possibility of release. “Life sentences without the possibility of release for children are expressly prohibited by international law and treaties,” he wrote in his report. “Significantly, the United States of America is the only State in the world that still sentences children to life imprisonment without the opportunity for parole for the crime of homicide.”

We the people must put an end to this kind of cruelty and injustice, this kind of tyranny!

Thanks to Matthew MacEgan, the author, and News for the Revolution!

News for the Revolution

By Matthew MacEgan
March 13, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

On Tuesday, Juan Méndez, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, accused the United States government of refusing him access to Guantánamo Bay and other federal prisons, where he wishes to investigate the use of solitary confinement. Méndez said he has been in talks with US officials for two years without receiving a positive answer.

In his latest report delivered in Geneva, Méndez said he wants to visit federal prisons in New York and Colorado and state prisons in New York, California, Louisiana and other states. He claims that while the US State Department has purportedly been working to help him gain access to state prisons, in one of his last conversations, “they said that federal prisons were unavailable.”

Méndez said he sought to investigate US federal prisons because “it is not rare”…

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