Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

I know I have encouraged or even pleaded with all of you to watch videos before. But I must ask you, once again, to please watch the following video. It is only twelve minutes long.

If every asleep and unaware person, in this country and the world, would watch this video and discern its message, and then believe it and respond accordingly, there would be no reason for me, and the other so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ (truth seekers), to continue writing in this manner:

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

By Dismantle The Matrix

The video below is an excellent visual representation of Larken Rose’s brilliant explanation of how faith in the State, or Government, has become the world’s most dangerous religion and why it will eventually go away.


via Activist Post: Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion.

Did you catch this:

“Over the last one-hundred years, 270,000,000 people have been killed by their government, not including war.”

Two-hundred and seventy-million people murdered by their own government, and not even during wartime! My god, we should all be vomiting, or better yet, we should all be ready and willing to hold the creatures-in-power accountable for this kind of insane mass-murder, this kind of insane genocide!

But sadly, we the people, especially in the United Penal Colonies of Merica (UPC of M), have become so immune to other’s sufferings, so desensitized, so dehumanized, that this statistic will most likely roll off of our backs like water off of a duck. And that is exactly what we are, sitting ducks, waddling along and quacking, totally unaware of what is happening to those around us, and what is already beginning to happen to us and our families, whether we’re aware or not.

Did you pay close attention to the scenes and photographs that dealt with war and genocide, as well as the storm-trooper brutality and murder? Your elite-owned and operated government is evidently only capable of producing havoc/mayhem and mass-murder: insane with greed corporate-pigs (who rape and pillage we the people, as well as poison our air, food, water and medicines/vaccines), police-state/storm-trooper violence and murder, elite-owned and operated ‘elected’ officials (crooks, womanizers, perverts and bald-faced liars), meaningless and despotic laws on top of laws (ultimately denying us our human rights and freedom as individuals), harassing arrests and jailing, crooked shysters and shyster judges (on ‘the take’), incarceration of minorities (Blacks, in particular), elongated prison sentences for petty crimes and inhuman death sentences, corporate-owned prisons, low-life prison guards and wardens (all ‘on the take’), false-flag/back-op events (Pearl Harbor and 9-11, etc, which are perpetrated so the elite-swine can wage constant war on the world and gain more wealth and power), wars on top of wars, illegal incarceration of so-called ‘terrorists’ (no out-date or legal representation, or even being charged with a crime: ‘due-process’), waging war on the disenfranchised peoples in third world nations (with the excuse that these poor people are enemies of Merica), harassment, beatings, torture and genocide. And this is an abbreviated list!

I hope Rose is right, and many people are starting to wake up. And I hope he is also right about this current, evil system/order being in its death throes.