To Be a Boob-Tube Watcher, or Not To Be a Boob-Tube Watcher, This is the Question?

My sincere apology to W.S. for the title of this post.

Donald Erb, a well known composer I met years ago, when asked about MTV, said that he watched MTV quite often. And, of course, I was perplexed by his answer. Then someone asked, “Why would you watch MTV?” And Donald Erb answered, “We must be aware of what our enemy is up to!” And his answer has stuck with me all of these years. Donald Erb was right, we must know what our enemies are up to!

First, let me say that I am no fan of the boob-tube. In fact, I despise it! So I am not promoting the watching of television by any human being or animal!

I keep reading on the more esoteric and metaphysical sites how we will all become ‘mind-controlled’ androids and simpletons, and simply by watching television. And of the deleterious effects of the boob-tube, I am more than familiar and have no doubt there is much validity. However, I have also read, in several articles, that the mind does not reside in the brain, but outside of the brain and body, as though it is a separate-but-connected entity, a part of the ‘universal consciousness’. And thus the reason for our need to become ‘fully conscious’ so we can tap in to our minds, and the mind of the universe, fully. I have no idea if either of these theories are completely true? I do, however, sense that the mind may not be subordinate to the functioning of the brain and thus our senses. And if this is true, then what I watch on television should not be able to effect or affect me as much as many esoteric types believe.

Again, I am not promoting television watching, here, especially for the very young and teenagers. Of course teenagers have their electronic gimmicks, now, to destroy their ability to communicate properly or think. But I wonder if these same folks who are so emphatic about not watching television, then continue to go to theaters and watch movies? To me, there is very little difference between watching movies in theaters, or at home on Netflix, etc, and watching the boob-tube, since the same issues apply to either: subliminal messaging, propaganda/indoctrination/brainwashing and commercial after commercial.

Continuing to watch television has been an issue with me for quite a while now. If I were still married and not alone, then I would be much more likely to get rid of my television, since I really despise everything about it. But I am alone and ill, and many times, in particular, at night, when I am ill, the sound of voices makes me feel much less isolated and fearful. And Television serves this role.

Yes, I know, why not read a book or listen to the radio or music? When I am ill, for some unexplained reason, reading, radio and music serve to make me nervous as opposed to relaxed, and with asthma, being able to relax is everything. At these times, I am not really paying attention to the television as much as I am being soothed by the sounds of human voices. The next day, I rarely, if ever, remember what was on the night before, since I was in bed, not watching, and attempting to go to sleep. But I severely digress!

Back to my original thought. During the day, I write on my blog, write music or read, so the television is hardly ever on. It’s usually during meal times that I turn it on, for similar reasons as above. But there are times I do surf the channels and watch the mind-numbing bullshit pass by. And, at these times, I literally can’t find anything on that isn’t either asinine and/or elite-swine propaganda/indoctrination/brainwashing. Every last thing on television is some kind of manipulation, every last stinking thing. And when I turn off the set, I find myself going to where I am right now, sitting at my computer, ranting and raving!

And for this reason, I believe that, for some of us, the insistence on not watching television is a bit overblown. I personally, by my own experience, as well as the experience of others, don’t believe I am automatically at risk of, once again, morphing back into a brain-dead Merican, when I watch television, now and then. And perhaps ‘now and then’ is the key: ‘everything in moderation’?

I go back to what Donald Erb said about knowing what the enemy is up to. I find that watching television gives me, sometimes, what I can’t seem to find from alternative news sources; the evidence of what is truly happening, especially when it comes to the government and corporate propaganda/indoctrination/brainwashing. As just one example, I still am a college football fan, although not nearly as much as I once was, and the military/government ads permeate the advertising for college football and all collegiate sports events. These elite-creatures are pandering ‘military service’ to our young adults who can’t find a career or job, since there are none to be had anymore.

Yes, I know, football is a metaphor for Merican imperialism: “a violent land acquisition game bent on destroying the adversary”. Harvard types watch football. Haven’t you ever heard the Harvard cheer, “Repel them! Repel Them! Compel them to relinquish that parabolic spheroid!”, interpreted by us mere mortals as “Push ’em back! Push ’em back! Wayyyy Back!”

I am aware of what this manipulative medium is all about, believe me. But I have found that this evil, this elite-swine manipulation, is quite often the inspiration for my writings, since I have learned how to see through the bullshit. And by seeing through the bullshit, I get a better sense of what is happening.

So for now, I will continue as I am. I will, at points, continue TO BE A BOOB-TUBE WATCHER, since I feel I must, like Donald Erb, keep track of what our enemy is up to!


2 thoughts on “To Be a Boob-Tube Watcher, or Not To Be a Boob-Tube Watcher, This is the Question?

  1. When my daughter was at home, I simply disconnected the cable service and we found other ways to spend our evenings – reading, playing cards and board games, doing art projects, going for walks etc. It was the best decision I ever made. I only realized afterwards that I had spared her many years of dangerous indoctrination.


  2. This is true of many of my friends and their families as well, including my friend who homeschools. Their kids are not addicted to television, as I was as a child, so they are not as vulnerable to the mind-control that is so evident in television.

    You made the right decision!

    Like I said, probably eighty percent of the time, my tv is not on. But at night, the silence can be deafening. And with my health issues, I, truthfully, am fearful to give it up completely, at the moment. Maybe someday, soon, I’ll muster up the guts to pull the plug!

    Thanks, Dr Bramhall!


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